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Why You Should Move in the Fall, According to Movers in NYC

Posted on: October 30, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers October 30, 2019

Movers in NYC offer some reasons why you should move in the fall

When is the best time to move? Anyone who has had to move has asked themselves that question. While it might seem that the summer is the best time to move as it is usually clear and people tend to have more open schedules, the best time to move is actually he fall. Movers in NYC are here to give some reasons why you should move in the fall.

Cheaper Moving RatesMovers in NYC - Commack, NY

Did you know that in the US, nearly 40 million people move every year between May and September? Summers are usually the busiest time for moving companies and they tend to charge the highest rates during peak times. Much fewer people move during the fall though so prices are likely to be cheaper. Try to schedule your move for a random weekday as well instead of the weekend. Weekday rates are usually cheaper than weekend rates.

Cooler Weather

One of the worst things about moving during the summer is the heat. Summer heat makes moving no0t only a slog but also potentially dangerous. Scheduling a move during the fall means you won’t have to deal with the brutal summer heat. The fall also has less chance to trigger allergies, unlike the spring.

Cheaper Housing

Since most people move during the summer, landlords and homeowners may charge higher rates for renting and buying. As we enter the down season of the fall, they tend to drop these prices and may offer special discounts. Movers in NYC may also offer special moving discounts during the fall.

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