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Moving Aids in Commack, NY - Hall Lane Movers

Hall Lane Moving and Storagoffers many packing options to our customers. To provide the best moving and storage services to our customers, we tailor our services to each client’s specific needs. One of the best ways to make a smooth move is to have Hall Lane do the packing for you. Packing is a painstaking task that many people underestimate. Thankfully we have the some of the finest packing and moving aids in the industry that will make this part of the process easy and relaxing.

We have found that most people prefer to have their household possessions, especially fragile items, professionally packed by a moving company.

Our certified packing and moving aids have:

–       200 hours of supervised on-the-job training

–       30 hours of classroom training

–       Mastery of 80 skills associated with the packing process

Some items in your shipment may need custom crating, such as large mirrors, glass-top tables or chandeliers. While there is usually an additional charge for this service, crating will provide an additional level of protection for specific items.

Our Movers Provide:

–       Crating of your most precious items like Pictures, Glass Tops

–       Packing your flat screen tv

–       Packing inventory

–       Packing Covered by Insurance

–       Relief from packing stress

–       State of the art packing technics

–       Packing of China

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