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Are you in need of moving supplies or moving containers? Look no further than Hall Lane. We have the heavy-duty supplies and moving containers you are looking for. From bubble wrap and tape dispensers to large cartons and packing paper, we have got your upcoming move covered.  

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One of the most important things you need for your next move is the right moving supplies. While you could go to grocery stores, liquor stores, etc. in search of boxes, do you really want to trust everything you own to used boxes that are not made for your purpose? The chances are good that some of your belongings will end up being damaged during your move. At Hall Lane Moving & Storage, we have everything you need for your next move.

Moving Supplies to Fit Any Move

Our moving supplies come in three different packages based on your moving needs. We know that while there is no such thing as a “cookie-cutter” move. While we do offer preset packages, we will work with you to create the perfect moving supply package to meet your needs and your budget.

Each of our packages includes bubble wrap, cartons in varying sizes, packing paper, a marker, and tape. For example, our #1 package has four small boxes and ten medium cartons, perfect for a small apartment or dorm room. At the other end of the spectrum is our #3 package that includes 15 each: small, medium, and large cartons. It also comes with three full-size wardrobes and enough packing paper and tape for a family home.

If you think you might need a larger package of moving supplies, contact us, and we can work with you to create the package you need. We also sell individual cartons, rolls of tape, and packing paper. Everything we offer for sale is the exact same item used by our teams of professional movers. Why trust your entire world to cartons that might let you down at the wrong moment when Hall Lane Moving & Storage has exactly what you need?

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If you are interested in purchasing your moving supplies from us or have questions about them or any other aspect of your move, contact Hall Lane Moving and Storage at (631) 734-0212. Our knowledgeable agents can answer your questions and help match your needs and budget to ensure your next move is a pleasant experience. Call us today!


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