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Moving to Fort Salonga? Top Attractions in Fort Salonga, NY: Recommendations From Movers in NYC

Check out these attractions recommended by our movers in NYC, Fort Salonga, NY., and Surrounding Areas

Located on the historic Gold Coast of Long Island, Fort Salonga has a number of attractions for new movers. This guide will give you some ideas on places to check out and offbeat things to do in Fort Salonga. Tours, day trips, and hiking excursions are all activities that are free and popular in the area. Here are some of our favorite spots, recommended by movers in NYC. Movers NYC - Hall Lane Moving and Storage - Fort Salonga, Commack, NY

Makamah Nature Preserve

The Makamah Nature Preserve was acquired by Suffolk County in 1973 and has become one of the regions most popular tourist attractions. Containing wetlands, forests, and marshes, the reserve is home to over 94 distinct species of bird and is a prime habitat for owls and woodpeckers. You can take a leisurely hike and walk your dog if you want (on a leash of course!). The mesmerizing reserve offers some of the best views in the state. It’s a great place to relax after dealing with movers in NYC and unpacking your place.

Sunken Meadow Park and Boardwalk

One of the most popular parks in the state, Sunken Meadow Park is a top picnic spot and hosts millions of people each year from families to group outings. The park features a pier for launching windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing and more. Once you spend some time down near the waterfront you can take a walk along the ¾ mile boardwalk. 2 separate golf courses exist for gold enthusiasts and pets are allowed provided you keep them on a leash. From here you can get one of the most stunning views of Long Island and make out Connecticut in the distance.

Callahans Beach

Located just down the road from Sunken Meadow State Park lies Callahans Beach, another popular waterfront destination in the area. The slightly rocky shore feature cool waters that are refreshing on a hot summer day. The main area includes a picnic spot with tables and benches shaded by large trees. You can fish on the shore and there is also a food stand in case you get hungry. There is also windsurfing available along with a launching pier for boats and kayaks. Enjoy a nice game of pickup football on the beach then take a relaxing swim in the clear waters.


Fort Salonga is a wonderful place to see some wonderful beaches and nature reserves. The listed locations are recommended by movers in NYC and will give you plenty of hours of entertainment. If you are moving to Fort Salonga contact Hall Lane Moving and Storage, we are ready to assist your next move.

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