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Benefits That You Can Expect When Using Temporary Storage

Temporary storage entails keeping personal or business items in a unit for a relatively short period. Although some people store things for months or even years, a temporary unit is usually secured for days or weeks, although there are no limitations.Temporary Storage | Hall Lane Moving | Commack, NY

Anyone can use short-term storage, but often, this is the solution when renovating or building a home or office or as part of the moving process to a different location. However, this type of storage is also advantageous when downsizing, decluttering, and for anyone who struggles with letting belongings go.

If you are worried about finding a reputable facility, consider that just in the United States alone, more than 2.3 billion square feet of temporary storage space is available at any given time. However, it is essential that you choose the right company, one with a clean facility, easy access, various unit types and sizes, and excellent security.


  1. Flexibility – Choosing temporary storage does not mean sacrificing on the quality or types of available units. Based on the kind and size of your possessions, you can select from several different storage units. In fact, you can go with a climate-controlled unit, which is ideal for anything that requires protection from mold, mildew, excessive cold and heat, dust, rodents, and bugs. For example, experts recommend getting a unit with consistent temperature and humidity when storing things like wooden furniture, artwork, clothes, electronics, and other sensitive goods, even short term.


  1. No Lengthy Contracts – Rather than lock into a long-term contract, your lease is only for the time you need the unit. As a result, you never end up paying for a storage space that sits empty. Because of the flexibility that reputable storage companies offer, you can always reduce or extend the amount of time that you need the unit. Overall, short-term storage saves you money, making it a more practical solution in many situations.


  1. No Compromise on Security – Whether you need a storage unit for weeks or months, when choosing the right facility, your goods have the protection you require. For example, a top storage facility will have a tall fence around the perimeter, key card or passcode automatic entry, 24-hour camera surveillance, and in the best circumstances, on-site personnel around the clock.


  1. Excellent Customer Service – When leasing a temporary storage unit, a reputable company will provide you with outstanding service. The staff will answer your questions, provide information, and guide you through the leasing process to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction.

New York Movers: Making It Easier to Move with Children

After months of researching the best New York movers,New York Movers | Moving with Children | Hall Lane you have finally decided on the perfect company. However, now comes the time to let your children know that instead of staying in their present home, they will be moving to New York. Although moving is stressful for everyone, it can have a profound impact on kids. By anticipating some of the upcoming challenges, you can take appropriate steps to make the move easier.


Introducing New York

Whether you plan to move to New York City as a new state resident or to a different city in New York, put together a packet that introduces your kids to the area. You can include information and pictures about nearby activities, local parks, their new school, the neighborhood, and so on. If your kids have not yet seen the new home, include photos of that as well. If they can visualize things, it will calm their anxiety and fear.



Packing is not fun. Some of the top New York movers suggest getting the kids involved. That way, they can see that their precious belongings are going to the new home, but this also occupies some of their time. Set up boxes in each child’s room, and after labeling them, give your kids instructions on what they can pack, such as stuffed toys, games, clothes in drawers, and so on.


Emotional Support

Top New York movers also remind people that while some children see moving as an adventure, others go through emotional trauma. If you have one or more kids who fall into the latter category, it is important to provide them with emotional support before, during, and even after the move. Most kids are “creatures of habit,” so a change in routine, not to mention moving away from their friends, is tough.

Be patient in answering questions even if they are asked multiple times, provide a lot of hugs, and pay close attention to any signs of major struggle, including depression, no appetite, excessive crying, mood swings, acting out, and so on. Maintaining open communication is essential, but in severe cases, you may need to seek professional help.


The Right Moving Company

As part of your research of several top New York movers, choosing the right company is also beneficial. By having a team of professionals who provide information, keep you updated, and pack and unpack on your behalf among other things, you will not feel burdened. With professional help, you can focus more on helping your children adjust to the idea of moving.

Moving and Storage Service: Tips for Moving with Pets

If you own pets, you probably have a lot of questions but also concerns. Especially if your animals are part of the moving and storage service | Hall Lane | Commack, NYfamily and you have several that need to move with you, it is imperative that you use the right moving and storage service. You need to hire a company that provides full services. As part of that, they can offer advice on how to get furry friends to their new home.


Information Provided by a Top Moving and Storage Service


  • Before Moving – Ahead of your scheduled move date, make sure your animals have visited the vet. Your veterinarian will make sure that all of your pets are up to date on vaccines. While there, get a copy of their medical records and have any prescriptions filled if moving out of the vicinity. Also, make sure your dogs and cats have tags, including their names, your name, phone number, and new address. Just in case one of your animals was to get lost while moving, the person who finds it can get in touch.


  • Introduction – Although this may not always be possible, if you are moving a relatively short distance away, take your dogs and cats to your new home as an introduction. To help your animals acclimate to the new home, this will help. In fact, without washing their blankets, beds, and toys, take those with you so they have a sense of comfort while exploring.


  • Normal Routine – As explained by a reputable company, animals are sensitive to change. Therefore, when they see you packing and sense your stress, they will react. Because of this, you might notice a difference in their behavior or personality. To keep a calm environment, stick to your normal Also, by using the best moving and storage service, you will experience less stress, which will have a positive impact on your pets.


  • Moving Day – On moving day, the company that you hire for moving and storage service will show up with a truck, equipment, boxes, and a moving crew. To animals, all of this can easily cause stress overload. Therefore, put your pets in a quiet room in the home away from the activity until you are ready to load them into your vehicle and head to your new address.


Moving with animals is always going to be somewhat challenging, but making good decisions will make things easier and less stressful.


What to Expect: Commack, NY Professional Movers

Five Things That You Should Expect from Professional Movers

When using friends to help move, you know that even with theProfessional Movers | Commack, NY | Hall Lane Moving and Storage best of intentions, there is a risk of stuff getting broken or damaged. However, when hiring professional movers, your expectations are much higher. In exchange for paying for moving services, professionals are held to high standards. The moving industry is competitive, and therefore, if companies fail to adhere to strict rules, there is a good chance that they will go out of business.


Meeting Expectations

If you are interested in hiring professional movers to help with a residential or commercial move, the following are things that you should expect.


  1. Professionalism – The employees of the company that you hire to help with your move should be professional. They should also be reliable, hard-working, and dedicated. From the person that talks to you on the phone to the crew that handles your move, you deserve the utmost


  1. Reduced Stress – Due to the services that professional movers provide, there is little work for you to do. Depending on the package that you choose, they will pack your goods, load and deliver them, and then unpack them at your new address. The combination of the movers doing the bulk of the work and handling your belongings with care helps reduce your stress throughout the moving process.


  1. Storage Options – In addition to moving, the best companies offer storage solutions. As part of this, a company representative will come to your home or business to determine the volume and type of items involved. From there, this person will calculate the size and type of storage unit needed. The crew will also deliver your possessions to the storage facility, whether that consists of some or all of your goods.


  1. Insurance Protection – Professional movers also carry different kinds of insurance to protect your belongings. When searching for the right company, consider those that offer full replacement coverage, meaning that if something gets damaged or destroyed, you get compensated for the amount it would cost to purchase the same or a similar item in today’s market.


  1. Handling – Unfortunately, not all moving companies show the same amount of respect to people’s possessions. However, by hiring the right company, you can expect proper handling of your belongings throughout all phases of the move. Whether boxing your goods, loading and unloading them on the truck, or unpacking them for you, you have the assurance needed that the pros will do what they do best.

Things Home Movers Don’t Transport

Home Movers | Hall Lane | Commack, NYHome movers today consist of trained, professional, and dedicated people who go above and beyond to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. They offer standard and add-on services as well as competitive prices. Expert movers also help guide customers through the moving process to make things easier. As part of this, movers provide their customers with a list of stuff that they seldom move or cannot transport by law.

When planning a move, it is important to look at the top home movers, those with an excellent reputation. That way, you will get excellent help and have a clear understanding of what they can and cannot take. When looking at the list provided by the top home movers, you will notice two categories: hazardous and non-hazardous.

Although some of the things on the hazardous list might be no-brainers, others may surprise you. For example, responsible movers will never transport things like gasoline and gun ammunition, but they also do not transport things like paint, vehicle batteries, fireworks, pool chemicals, aerosols, barbecue charcoal and lighter fluid, liquid bleach, ammonia, propane tanks, and poisons.

Some of the things on the hazardous list that you might find surprising include nail polish, nail polish remover, and fertilizer. The most surprising item is fertilizer. When used in the garden, fertilizer is no big deal, but under some circumstances, it becomes highly explosive.

Typically, things in this category are corrosive, explosive, or flammable. Because of that, they are too dangerous to move. If you have belongings that fall into the hazardous category, you can move them in your own vehicle, but even then, you need to be cautious.

Non-hazardous items include anything that is perishable. While not dangerous, most professional moving companies will not transport refrigerated or frozen food, produce, and even indoor plants since they attract insects and rodents. Even if you are hiring a company for a move just 50 miles away, if your scheduled delivery gets delayed for any reason, those items could go bad.

One other thing to consider is that while home movers do transport precious items, such as jewelry, artwork, family heirlooms, personal collections, and so on, you may want to move these yourself. Although you want to hire a company that provides replacement value insurance, if you would be devastated about losing a particular item, self-transport is probably a better option.

How Hauppauge Movers Help Reduce Stress for Seniors

Moving at any age is tough. However,Happauge movers | Hall Lane Moving for people getting up in age, going from one location to another often brings on a significant level of stress. Especially for older adults without family close by, hiring the right Hauppauge movers is essential. In many instances, elderly people move with the intent of downsizing, which is both physically and emotionally difficult.

The good news is that some professional moving companies have teams that specialize in getting seniors moved in a way that makes the transition easier. If you find yourself in this situation, take the time needed to locate reputable Hauppauge movers who understand the unique aspects of moving senior citizens. That way, you have confidence that your lifetime of memories will arrive unscathed and that you will be treated with respect and compassion.

Professional movers who specialize in helping seniors typically go through training. Because of that, they understand how these moves differ from others. In fact, depending on the company that you hire, some team members have backgrounds in nursing, social work, psychology, and even project management to ensure that everything goes as seamlessly as possible.

Some Hauppauge movers have the experience and expertise required for minimizing both the stress and chaos that typically go hand in hand with moves. As part of the planning, the experts come up with a process customized to your specific needs and wants. Through gentle, expert guidance, the right moving company not only provides the necessary physical and emotional support but also plays a role in the overall decision making.

Although experts in senior moving provide assistance for things like sorting, packing, and unpacking, their methodology and attitude are what make them different. The goal is to streamline the entire process while maintaining a high level of professionalism, compassion, and fun. When researching different companies, make sure you ask if they have a team that deals with this type of move. You also want to confirm that the moving company maintains general liability insurance and is properly licensed.

When working with the right Hauppauge movers, you can expect for a company representative to develop a moving plan. They will also assist with organization, sorting your items for things that you no longer want or need, and then disposing of things via recycling, donation, and perhaps an estate sale or auction. Real professionals will supervise every step of your move so that you feel at ease. Instead of stressing about an upcoming move, you can rely on a company that genuinely cares.

Tips for Moving Out of Your Apartment

Prepare for your Commack, NY Apartment MovingCommack, NY Apartment Moving | Hall Lane Moving

Moving out of an apartment? Hall Lane has you covered. We handle all moves, big or small! Even though your apartment may not be as daunting as moving a whole house, there is still more than meets the eye. Here are some helpful tips to make the process as simple as possible:

  • Start with a checklist. The first step in any move is to get organized. Determine what you need to do in each room. This apartment move-out checklist from the American Apartment Owners Association is a very helpful resource. You can use this as a guide and customize to meet your own specific needs.


  • Plan your move date in advance. With a lease ending, you very likely are up against a tight timeline. By planning ahead, you can reduce time in between locations and potentially eliminate the need for expensive services such as temporary storage or housing. Make sure you book your movers well in advance to secure the necessary date.


  • Plan for Storage. If you’re moving into a new residence, you may end up with a gap in between your move. In that case, make sure that you consider where you will be storing your belongings. Going with a full-service moving and storage company allows you the flexibility to move, store, and transfer your belongings without the need for switching hands. If you’re moving back in with your parents, you’re on your own there!


Leaving your apartment can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By using these tips and taking the time to plan ahead for your move, you can eliminate additional costs and stress. For more moving and storage tips and tricks, check out our Hall Lane Moving and Storage Blog today.  Also, feel free to contact us today for a free moving or storage estimate.

What Is the True Meaning of Full Service Movers?

If you are planning to move and have already startedFull Service Movers | Hall Lane Commack, NY conducting research, you have probably come across several different phrases like “local moving,” “long-distance moving,” and “full service moving” used by moving companies to describe their services. Unless you have moved before, it is easy to get confused.

Because full service movers and moving services  are some of the most beneficial and popular services, we wanted to focus specifically on this option and what it means. To start, full service movers are professionals with years of industry-related experience and unparalleled expertise. The top companies have moving crews that consist of actual employees. The benefit is that by being part of the organization, the movers are highly trained and therefore professional and dedicated.

These full service movers are experts in doing most, if not all of the work involved. As an example, if you hired a partial service moving company, you would end up with a crew at your home that loaded boxes, furniture, appliances, and other belongings onto the truck and delivered everything to your new address. While there is nothing wrong with using this type of service, it means more work for you.

In comparison, full service movers have a company representative come to your home to perform an assessment of every room at no charge. Based on what that person finds, the company offers you a written estimate. These services include all boxes, packing materials, and other supplies as needed. Then, a crew would come to your home and pack things on your behalf. As part of this, the team would wrap artwork, furniture, and other fragile items to prevent damage.

Once the professional movers pack the boxes, they use an innovative labeling system to track everything. Using this system, the movers take boxes and other items from one room of your current residence to the corresponding room at the new location. The movers also unpack things, leaving little work for you. All you have to do is show up in your vehicle and make sure that everything is where you want it.

As you can imagine, moving companies with full service movers are worth their weight in gold. Trusting a team of professional movers eliminates a tremendous amount of stress, especially if you have little time due to working outside of the home, raising small children, and so on.

What Can I Expect from an Office Relocation Service?

If you are planning to relocate your office,office relocation | Hall Lane Moving | Commack, NY it is important that you hire a company that specializes in this type of service. Especially if your office is moving to another city or state and involves moving employees as well as business equipment, furniture, and other items, it is imperative that you choose the right company. Whether your upcoming relocation is small and relatively simple or large and complex, you should have certain expectations from the company that you hire.

  • Assessment – In your search for the best relocation company, representatives from at least three candidates should conduct an assessment of everything that needs moving. Each person will take an inventory of items and discuss whether the relocation involves employees. The representatives will then offer you a written estimate. After comparing the different estimates, you would select the company to hire.
  • Point of Contact – To prevent you from repeating questions or information and to ensure that there are no misconstrued notes, the office relocation company that you hire will designate a point of contact. That way, you speak to and deal with the same person from start to finish.
  • Customer Agreement – During an initial meeting with the point of contact, the two of you will discuss the details of your move, including the inventory list, dates, licensing and insurance, safety provisions, cost, and more. After accepting the terms, you will need to sign a customer agreement. With that done, the company will schedule your move.
  • Pre-Move Planning – The company handling your office relocation will also do pre-move planning to finalize every detail. Some of the more pertinent topics include packing arrangements, the number of trucks required, the equipment used, and preparations for you and your employees before the moving crew’s arrival. For instance, if you and your employees will do the packing, the company will ensure that you receive the correct number of boxes and required materials.
  • Moving Day – On the day of your office relocation, your point of contact will arrive with the crew, conduct a final walk-through, and then begin prepping. The office relocation company will properly wrap everything, disassemble furniture, disconnect IT equipment, load your office goods, and then safely transport everything to your new business address. Once at your new location, the same crew unloads the truck, reassembles furniture, reconnects IT equipment, and gets everything in its place so that your employees can go back to work as quickly as possible.

Tips for Estimating the Cost of Hiring Brooklyn Movers

If you have never hired a professional moving company before, Brooklyn Movers | Hall Lane Moving and Storage | Commack, NYthere are several important things to know. For example, you need to understand how movers estimate their costs. Keep in mind that as you research different Brooklyn movers, you will quickly notice that the prices vary based on experience, the type of move, add-on services, and so on. For a good idea as to how movers calculate their costs, consider the information provided.

Full-Service Movers

 Although the most expensive option, full service means just that: The moving company does the majority of the work. If your move consists of going from one state to another, movers typically charge based on the distance between your current and new address and the weight of your goods. However, if your move is local, which is usually considered anything less than 100 miles away, movers will likely provide you with an estimate based on an hourly rate.

 Local Movers

 For a local move, which means your current and new address are 100 miles or less apart, the cost varies on several things, including your location. In other words, the amount that reputable Brooklyn movers charge is different from the rate quoted by movers in Missouri. Also, most local moving companies charge on an hourly basis, whether moving goods that you packed, handling the packing and unpacking for you, disassembling and assembling furniture pieces, and so on.

For this type of move, you should also understand the term “travel fee,” which covers not only the time it takes the moving company to reach your current home, but also time spent on the road going in between the two addresses and fuel. For most moving companies, this fee is equal to one hour of regular move-related work.


As you can see, there is a big difference in what you could pay. To get outstanding service at the most economical price, it is imperative that you research the top Brooklyn movers and then choose the right one for your needs.