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Tips from the Best Moving Company for Moving in Together

Posted on: October 3, 2018 | by: Hall Lane Movers October 3, 2018


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Deciding to move in together is a significant step in most people’s lives. This step is one that can be both exciting and scary all at the same time. One of the most significant tasks is figuring out how to create a single household from two entirely separate ones. Choosing the best moving company can go a long way towards helping, starting with these tips designed to make the process go smoothly and without undue stress.

Choose the Right Home

It doesn’t matter if you both live in the same city or across the country, someone is going to be moving. With a long-distance relationship, there is more to it. One of you will have to change jobs along with moving in with the other. Being uprooted like this can be particularly stressful, something you should be mindful of. Both of you need to work together to decide which location has the most to offer before you make your final decision and then find the best moving company for the job.

It’s All in the Details

The worst time to start discussing the many small and sometimes not so minor details is while you are eating your first meal in your new (at least to one of you) home. Among the many things that need to be discussed are your finances, will you be splitting the bills or pooling your money in one account? We know this type of conversation can be a bit awkward but covering them now lets you see how you will deal with the rest of your relationship.

I Have a Toaster – Me Too!

Now for the hard part, there are a number of things in your individual homes that both of you have. A toaster for example or maybe a bed, it really doesn’t matter what it is, the two of you have to decide what to keep and what to yard sale or donate. This is another tough step, but it is one that should be undertaken before you start shopping around for a moving company. Compromise can be challenging, but in the end, who needs two toasters?

Finding the Best Movers

At Hall Lane Moving and Storage, we know how important it is for you to find the best moving company for your big move. Once you have decided who is moving where and how much is being taken, please contact us at (631) 734-0212 and arrange for one of our estimators to come to your home for your free estimate.