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Steps for How to Pack a Messy House

Posted on: December 7, 2022 | by: Hall Lane Movers December 7, 2022


Packing a Messy House

The first and most essential thing to keep in mind is that you need to organize the house before you even begin packing. Remember, there is no reason to pack anything you wouldn’t want to bring. You can declutter as you go by organizing your home first.


The Decluttering Process:

  • Follow the one-year rule. It’s time to donate the item or throw it away if you haven’t used it or worn it in a year.
  • When you are organizing, create three piles: one for items you want to donate, one for things you want to keep, and one for trash.
  • Begin by tackling one room at a time. When dealing with a messy home, you’ll discover that setting individual goals for each room at a time makes the situation much more manageable.


The following steps should be kept in mind when learning how to pack a messy house:

Step 2: Pack One Room at a Time

This complements room-by-room organization perfectly. You will feel like you are accomplishing more when you start small and have a room-by-room plan.  Remember that Hall Lane Movers has skilled packers who can come to your home and pack these items for you if you don’t want to pack. This is a fantastic choice for those pressured to finish their move on time. Hall Lane Movers offers packing services to simplify any move, even for those who have a messy home, in addition to professional moving and storage services.
Step 3: Always Label Your Boxes

When you have a place for everything being moved into the new home, it will be much simpler to avoid having a messy home. And because you took the time to organize the house, you’ll discover that this organization will continue in your new residence.

Messy House? Remember, Don’t Panic!

The one thing you do not want to do when getting ready to move and your house is messy is panic. Start slowly and with smaller organizing and decluttering objectives. And feel free to ask a professional for assistance. When you have more people to assist with this process, a messy house can be conquered in these circumstances!