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Money-Saving Tips When Hiring Commercial Movers

Posted on: April 13, 2017 | by: Hall Lane Movers April 23, 2018

Commercial moves are often complex, somewhat challenging, and costly. Commercial Movers | Hall Lane Moving and Storage | Commack, NYIf your company has an upcoming move, it is important that you hire the right movers. However, it is just as important to learn about ways that you can save money when hiring commercial movers. That way, you get superior yet cost-effective service.

  • Timing – You may have no control over when your business moves, but if you do, the dates that you choose will have a significant impact on price. When it comes to commercial movers, the more flexible you are the better. The goal is to move during the slow season, which is typically before and after summer. By doing so, you could easily save as much as 25 percent. Keep in mind that the peak and off-peak seasons often vary based on geographic location. Therefore, you need to determine the slowest time of the year for movers that you are potentially interested in hiring.
  • Packing – Part of the job that commercial movers provide involves packing and unpacking. If your company is small, a great way to save money is by having employees pack their own areas. For even greater savings, you might enlist the help of several employees to move the boxes in trucks or personal cars to the new office location.
  • Furniture Disassembly/Assembly – If you and your employees handle any furniture disassembly and assembly, there is a good chance that the commercial movers you hire will discount the rate.
  • Comparison Shop – Although the types of services and even prices generally line up from one moving company to another, there can be big differences. Take time to research several companies, making side-by-side comparisons of what services they perform and at what cost. This will help narrow your choices down to three good candidates.
  • Smaller and Lesser Know Movers – Often, big brand commercial movers charge more than smaller companies of size with lesser-known names. As long as the company has a solid reputation, experience, licensing, insurance, and a guarantee, there is no reason to expect subpar work.
  • Employees versus Seasonal Workers – When hiring a moving company, always choose one that uses employees as movers opposed to seasonal workers. As employees, the moving crew is more dedicated and trained. As a result, any risk of items being lost, stolen, broken, or damaged decreases dramatically. Not only does this save time and effort in filing an insurance claim, it will save you money in the long run.

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