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Packing up Books and Collectibles: Tips From Hall Lane, Among Top Moving and Storage Services

Posted on: October 8, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers October 8, 2019

Hall Lane a top Moving and Storage service, offers some advice on how to effectively pack your books and collectibles

Fragile personal items like books and collectibles can be a real headache during a move. These things can be difficult to pack as they are heavy and awkwardly shaped. Hall Lane Moving and Storage is here to offer some advice on how to pack your books and collectibles perfectly.Moving and Storage Service - Hall Lane in Commack, NY

Get boxes from a book store

Book stores typically have tons of spare boxes they are willing to give away for free. The best part is that these boxes are literally made for shipping books so they are thick, sturdy, and often come with interior dividers. Liquor stores are another place to find good boxes that can safely store fragile objects like glass. You can also find suitable boxes from a moving and storage service store.

Pack tightly

Try to pack everything as securely and tightly as possible. You basically want your packing boxes to be completely full before you seal them up. Books should be backed in from largest to smallest and in the most space-efficient manner. Hardback books should be packed with the spine facing down and the edge of the pages facing up.

Wrap everything

All of your collectibles should be tightly wrapped in bubble wrap or another comparable covering. If you have any heavy larger items such as furniture, consider picking up some packing blankets to keep them safe.

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