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Packing Aids to Help Streamline Your Move

Posted on: November 3, 2017 | by: Hall Lane Movers April 23, 2018

Whether packing your possessions in preparation for a move Packing Aids | Commack, NY | Hall Laneor using professional services offered by a moving and storage company, certain things will help streamline the overall process. With the right packing aids, not only can you get or have your belongings boxed up quicker, but you will also feel more confident that they have the protection needed to avoid damage.

• Boxes – High-quality boxes are one of the most important of all packing aids. Regardless of where you get boxes, they must be high-quality. Anything with rips, holes, or weakened areas could cause a problem of the bottom falling out, causing the items inside to break. By using a service offered by a reputable moving company, you never have to worry about the quality of boxes or finding the appropriate sizes.

• Packing Material – Another one of the essential packing aids is the material used to wrap items or fill void spaces inside of boxes. In this case, both the type and quality of the packing material matter. When you are packing, you can use old newspaper, clothing, and linens, or you could purchase material. However, with an add-on packing service, the experts use quality paper and bubble wrap, and they have the expertise in using the materials correctly for optimal protection.

• Packing Tape – Included in the list of packing aids is tape. With self-packing, you would likely purchase tape from a local hardware or home improvement store. In most cases, the tape that you buy would suffice. In comparison, professional packers rely on heavy-duty tape of a higher quality. Especially for transporting delicate items, the tape used by the professionals will keep the boxes intact throughout the moving process.

• Labels – Most people who pack use a marker to write only basic information on the boxes. While there is nothing wrong with that, professionals have an actual labeling system that works incredibly well. Through color coding and the creation of lists that represent the contents of each box, unpacking becomes easier. Ultimately, movers can quickly identify which rooms boxes go in, which reduces the amount of time it takes to complete the move. Since movers can do their jobs and more quickly and efficiently, you save money.

As you can see, the right packing aids are essential, whether you’re boxing up the goods yourself or having the job done by a professional. The difference is that experts have access to items needed and the expertise to ensure that none of your possessions get damaged or destroyed.