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NY Moving: How to Move your Garden and Houseplants

Posted on: April 17, 2020 | by: Hall Lane Movers April 17, 2020

Hall Lane, Among Top NY Moving Companies Offer These Tips

Most likely, the moment you realized you were moving, you started planning what needs to be done for your big day. From figuring out what to donate to learning the right way to pack fragile items, there’s certainly a lot of steps to NY moving. So many steps, in fact, that you may forget a few – like packaging your houseplants and garden. Luckily, with the following experienced advice from our team at Hall Lane Moving and Storage, you’ll learn the safest way to transport your plant life.

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How to uproot your garden

Typically, our NY moving crew suggests that you should water your outdoor plants before uprooting them for the trip. Several hours before departing, give them plenty of water, so as to dampen the soil enough to dig up the root clump with a sharp trowel. The goal is to keep as much of the root intact as possible. Ideally, place the plants into their own pots or planters. Tie these pots together to prevent them from falling over, placing them on a palette for shipment. The plants should be the last items loaded, but the first ones off the truck.

How to prepare your houseplants

Normally, it’s a lot easier to transport houseplants from one home to the next, since they’re already in their individual pots. Before packaging them together for the trip, inspect each planter to ensure they’re in good condition. If a few are cracked or damaged, then it’s best to place them in a new holder that will protect your plant sufficiently for the move. As with outdoor garden plants, tie several pots together so they don’t tip over while in transit. As well, upon arrival, take the time to find a good place in your new house that offers a similar amount of light and temperature as the previous location.

NY Moving in the Summer

For those who are relocating during the summer months, there’s the added risk of plants drying out in hotter temperatures. To prevent any problems, prepare outdoor trenches in advance for garden plants, so they can be deposited and hosed immediately. Don’t worry, you can always move them to another spot afterward. As for houseplants, water them a bit while in transit, if you can. Otherwise, ensure they get a good dose of water once you get to your new home.

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