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Must-Knows about Movers and Packers

Posted on: December 9, 2016 | by: Hall Lane Movers January 9, 2018

Movers and Packers | Hall Lane Moving and Storage | Commack, NY

Unfortunately, there are times when moves are disastrous. To ensure that you have a positive experience when dealing with movers and packers, you should be aware of certain things. True professionals take their work seriously. For most, this is a career; therefore, the goal is to ensure the customer’s satisfaction in every situation.

While feeling stressed to some degree is normal during a move, allow the professionals that you hire to eliminate as much of that stress as possible by allowing them to do their job.

Helpful Facts About Movers and Packers


  • Service Type – Most professional moving companies provide two services, Full-Truck Load (FTL) and Less-Than Truck Load (LTL). For full-load service, the moving van contains goods for just one customer, whereas a less-than or partial load means that goods belonging to several customers are on the same moving van. Typically, LTL is the more affordable option. However, due to multiple stops, the delivery takes a little longer.
  • Billing – The price that you pay to move depends on several factors. Because of that, make sure that you understand things like the transportation charge, labor, and loading and unloading. There is also an additional fee for packing and unpacking if you want those services.
  • Insurance Coverage – Professional movers and packers have insurance, but it may not be enough to cover the replacement cost of your goods. Therefore, find out the amount of liability the company has and then determine if you need to purchase additional protection through your own insurance provider.
  • Registered and Licensed – Before hiring any moving company, verify that it is both registered and licensed. This is for your protection, as well as the company’s.
  • Verification – Most professional moving companies are honest and upfront, but there are some fly-by-night organizations around. In addition to checking the company’s website and reputable organizations, like the Better Business Bureau, verify the company’s name and address. Usually, online research will provide all the information that you need, including customer feedback.
  • Written Contract – Getting a written contract from the moving company is imperative. This locks in services, dates, and charges.
  • List of Goods – The service that movers and packers provide includes a list of goods. This is literally a list of everything the company is moving on your behalf. The people that are working will maintain one copy while another copy goes to the company’s headquarters. However, make sure that you get a copy, as well.

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