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Moving Services Advice for What to Remember Before Moving

Posted on: July 5, 2016 | by: Hall Lane Movers January 9, 2018

All too often, we get so wrapped up in packing and planning our moving day that we forget several important things. Hall Lane understands how easy it is to forget some of these crucial tasks and has decided to compile this handy list to assist you in moving. Below are 5 things that many people overlook before they begin the moving process, as reported by moving services specialists.

Important Moving Reminders From Moving Services Experts


  1. Notify Schools

If you are a parent, you must notify your child’s new school several months before he or she starts classes. You should schedule a tour to get your child familiar with his or her new school. Additionally, if he or she has any disabilities or special needs, the administrators at the new school should be informed.

  1.    Cancel Recurring Charges

At least a month prior to your expected last day of use, be sure to cancel any recurring charges from a gym membership, magazine subscription, or anything else. If you forget to this, you may suffer from costly credit card charges while you’re at your new home and no longer using certain goods and services. Keep in mind that some businesses may require a 30 or 60 day cancellation moving servicesnotice. In addition, you should organize your finances and dedicate one member of your household to be responsible for taking care of the bills.

  1.    Change Your Address

Fortunately, the United States Postal Service offers a convenient online form so that you can easily change your mailing address. Instead of waiting until the last minute to change your address, you should fill out the form approximately two weeks prior to your moving date. Changing your address earlier in the moving process will ensure your first batch of forwarded mail comes in on the day you move in, moving services experts recommend.

  1. Arrange Utilities

Imagine arriving into your new home and being forced to unpack in the dark. By turning off your old utilities a few days after you leave and turning on your new ones a few days prior to your arrival, you will be in good shape and avoid unexpected darkness.

  1.   Take Pictures of Electronics

One of the greatest challenges of the moving process is setting up electronics in a new home, moving services experts inform. Tangled cords in a box make it very difficult to get your television and desktop computer up and running once you move. Taking pictures of electronic cords before you take apart your electronics will make it easier to put them back together.