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Moving in New York: Should I Buy a Home with a Swimming Home? What you Should Know

Posted on: June 18, 2020 | by: Hall Lane Movers June 18, 2020

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Moving in New York soon and considering a home with a pool? From cooling off in the comfort of your own yard to hosting fun pool parties, there is indeed a long list of advantages to owning a property with a pool. While it might sound like a dream come true, the fact is, you may need to consider the many responsibilities – and sometimes cons – that come along with pool ownership.


Before making an offer on a house with a pool, contact a certified company to perform a full inspection on the pool to verify its condition. The heater should be in excellent shape, the pump pressure tested, and the water lines should be leak-free. Other structures should be assessed as well, such as the safety fencing and the pool cover. When pools age, issues tend to start creeping in. Therefore, get a clear picture of its condition by requesting proof of repairs and installations that have been done over time.

Financial Commitment

Heated pools require a certain amount of maintenance. Plus, you’ll also need to pay to actually heat the pool. The higher the preferred temperature, the higher the energy bill. Ask the sellers to show you how much these things cost to get an idea of financial commitments. Also, you might want to put a condition on any offer, requesting an inspection be included, to protect yourself from unexpected pool-related costs.

Time Management

Aside from it being a financial commitment, there’s a lot of time management involved in taking care of a pool. Scrubbing, scraping, draining, uncovering, covering, treating, and cleaning are all things that take a significant amount of your time. Also, if you normally head to the cottage every weekend or on extended vacations, will you realistically have the time to take pleasure in having a pool? Evaluate your lifestyle to see if such an investment will indeed be worthwhile.


Of course, pools can be a great focal point of a house, a place the family can enjoy, where they can relax when the weather is nice. However, these things are only possible when you feel safe with such a structure. Households with children and pets must have secure fencing around the pool, to protect them from getting into the water when unsupervised. Liability Insurance should certainly be a consideration, particularly if you’re intent on having friends over or hosting parties.

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