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Moving During the Holidays: Hall Lane Moving and Storage Services

Posted on: December 8, 2020 | by: Hall Lane Movers December 8, 2020

About to change your address this holiday season? Well, relocations are always stressful, especially when they happen at inconvenient times such as holidays – though you would be surprised how many folks choose to move this time of the year!

While the holiday season might not be an ideal time for relocating to a new neighborhood or town, there are some perks for movers in this period. For instance, it is much easier to get days off work when opting to move from December to January. For those of you with children, it is also much easier as kids are typically on a holiday break.

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With that said, here is what you might want to consider if you plan to move to a new home during the holidays:

Schedule Professional Movers in Advance

With the holiday season approaching, make sure you schedule any moving and storage services you might need well in advance. At least for the furniture and other cumbersome belongings. It is safe to assume that moving companies can be understaffed as many of their employees may be on holiday leave. On the other hand, those who continue working might be too busy and overbooked to take on a new client on short notice. So, secure your professional movers weeks before the big day.

Divide Your Packing into Several Stages

Start packing early to have more time later on. To avoid burnout, it might be best if you can pack all of your stuff over a few days rather than pack it all at once. If you have to vacate your old home before moving into a new one, arrange storage services from a respectable company such as Hall Lane moving & storage.

Do Not Miss Out

Last but not least, take the time to enjoy the holidays with the family in your new residence. Order a takeaway or organize a little move-in party – you will have plenty of time to unpack everything later. Label a box with Christmas decorations to get that holiday mood going on. Your new house or apartment will feel like home in no time. Happy holidays to all!

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