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Moving Companies in Long Island, NY: Everything you Need to Know About Relocating to Long Island

Posted on: February 20, 2020 | by: Hall Lane Movers February 20, 2020

If you’re moving closer to the land of white sandy beaches and world-class vineyards, then you may want to heed the following advice from our professionals at Hall Lane Moving and Storage. People coming from other cities, states, and countries change their entire lives to be able to come live the life they’ve dreamed of in places like gorgeous The Hamptons. As one of the local moving companies in Long Island, NY, we oversee a great many relocations from all around the world. Before planning your adventure, check out some of our suggestions to make your transition easier.

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Moving during hot weather

If you’re coming from a colder climate or from another part of the world where it’s a different season, then transferring to New York in the summer might catch you off guard. Most people move during the summer, which can make it extra challenging to do in sweltering heat. Nonetheless, when you hire moving companies in Long Island, NY to handle your relocation, you’re assured experts in the business who have the equipment and workers to ensure you get a fast, efficient move.

Moving with heavy traffic

Another thing that may surprise you about this part of New York is the traffic, especially if you’re coming from a more suburban location. So, as you can imagine, with so many more people in the city, that means there’s a lot more traffic to deal with. In turn, this can affect travel time for your moving van. Another consideration is parking – it can be tough to find a spot when the tourist season is in! However, this simply goes to show you that you’re much better off hiring experienced, local moving companies in Long Island, NY, as they’re well-versed in local parking regulations and restrictions.

Adjusting to the culture

Long Island has a relaxed, laid-back culture of its own, influenced by its history, beachside location, locals, and tourists from around the world. In the summer, it’s common to hear different languages while walking the streets. Cuisine-wise, there are lots of great choices, from Asian fusion to sushi to authentic steakhouse.

If you’re about to plan a move to New York, Hall Lane Moving and Storage is here to help. Request a free quote to learn more about our many packing, shipping, and storage services that can make your transfer stress-free.