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Moving Companies on Long Island Like Hall Lane Offer These Tips for Moving with Pets

Posted on: February 1, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers February 1, 2019

When it comes to moving with pets moving companies on Long Island like Hall Lane have the experience needed to help your move go smoothly from start to finish.

With moving day on the horizon, you’ve already gone through the various moving companies on Long Island and found Hall Lane to be the best one to fit your needs. You’ve set the moving date, taken care of the turning off the utilities, filed a change of address, got it all handled. Or have you?  What about Rover? Have you given any thought as to how he is going to make the trip? Our experts offer the following tips to help make your move as stress-free as possible. Moving Companies on Long Island, Hall Lane - Commack, NY

The Portable Kennel

If your move is longer than across town, you must have a way to keep your pet safe during the journey. The ASPCA along with most moving companies on Long Island recommend the use of a portable kennel. Not only will it help keep your pet safe, especially when you stop, but it will help them feel safer on the road.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Up to the Trip

Not all animals like riding in the car from the start. Before you set off on a long journey, you need to give your dog time to get used to being in a moving vehicle. Start with short trips and gradually build up distance and time so that they used to sights, sounds, and motion. Doing so before you go, will help make your trip more pleasant.

Tag and Microchip Your Pet

Before you leave your old home be sure, you have Rover microchipped. If he is already “chipped,” be sure you contact the issuer and have your address updated to the new one. Then get a tag made for his collar with his name, your phone number, and any other contact information you want to add. This way if something happens and you get separated, the person who find Rover can get in touch so can arrange to get him back.

Rover Needs a Backpack of His Own

Everyone else in the car has a backpack filled with things for the trip, snacks, games, water, and so forth. Don’t you think Rover needs one too? His should contain a few of his favorite toys, food for the trip, a gallon of fresh water, food and water dishes, a roll of pet waste bags, any medications, and his favorite treats. Our moving companies on Long Island recommend you offer Rover water at each stop and allow him time to go potty.

As one of the premier moving companies on Long Island, the experienced movers at Hall Lane are here to assist in making every aspect of your move go smoothly. For more helpful tips or to get started with your move, contact Hall Lane Moving and Storage at (631) 734-0212 and let’s get started today!