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How Moving Aids Help Pro Movers Get the Job Done

Posted on: January 12, 2018 | by: Hall Lane Movers January 12, 2018

moving aids Unlike family members and friends who typically bring their personnel vehicles, bungee cords, and old blankets; professional movers rely on superior-quality moving aids. This is especially crucial when dealing with over-sized, heavy, or oddly shaped items. The best movers always use the appropriate equipment, tools, and supplies to ensure the job gets done correctly.

The Best Moving Aids
Regardless of whether you have an upcoming residential or commercial move that involves a small or large structure, it is best to use a reputable company so that you can feel confident entrusting them with your possessions. These types of companies typically have the following moving aids at their disposal to help transport your valuables:


  • Hoisting Straps – For large items, such as mattresses, refrigerators, armoires, and anything else that will not go down the stairs or fit through a standard doorway, the moving crew will use hoisting straps. Once the item is secured, the team can hoist it manually through a window. This can even be accomplished if the items have to travel up three stories.


  • Dollies – Depending on the item, the moving crew will use either a two-wheel or four-wheel dolly. In the case of appliances, they rely on an appliance dolly made for that specific purpose. Typically, a two-wheel dolly gets used to move boxes and containers, while a four-wheel is used for heavier items or a higher quantity of smaller Dollies are often used when taking your goods down a flight of stairs or a long hallway.


  • Pallet Jack – Another one of the moving aids used by professionals is the pallet jack. This helps get bulky items onto and off the truck safely.


  • Ramps – If your current residence or the address where you plan to move has a front stoop or stairs, the crew will use a ramp. When it is placed over the stairs, it makes it possible for the movers to use a two or four wheel dolly going into and out of the building.


  • Tool Kit – The great thing about hiring a reputable moving company is that among its moving aids is a toolkit worn by members of the team. That way, the crew can quickly disassemble furniture, appliances, and other items. Then, once delivered, the tools will be handy for reassembly.


  • Piano Board – Just as the name implies, this specially designed aid is for moving pianos. Both the board and end give the instrument support. Also, the board has slots through which straps go to keep the piano securely in place while getting moved.

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