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Movers vs. Brokers

Posted on: March 10, 2023 | by: Hall Lane Movers March 22, 2023

What is the Difference Between Moving Brokers and Moving Companies?

Ask the company whether they are an actual moving company or a broker when you make your reservation for your move. A moving company is not the same as a moving broker.

Moving Companies versus Moving Brokers Blog from Hall Lane Movers


A moving company manages your move directly with its staff and fleet of trucks. Interstate movers must have a U.S. DOT number and register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


A moving broker hires a moving company to carry out the actual move while planning to transport your belongings. Your move is scheduled and sold to a moving company by moving brokers, who are sales teams. Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must have them registered. Your household goods are not a broker’s responsibility, and they are not permitted to be transported by a broker. Although some organizations registered as brokers with the FMCSA may have trucks and staff, brokers typically do not have moving trucks or professional movers.


Questions to ask if working with a Moving Broker:


  • Inquire about the broker’s FMCSA registration. All interstate moving agents are required to register. At, you can search the FMCSA’s database for registered brokers.
  • Request a copy of the Ready to Move brochure and the Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move booklet from the broker. These consumer documents must be given to consumers by brokers.
  • Request a list of the moving companies the broker works with. Your broker is required to provide this information.
  • Verify the broker’s use of FMCSA-registered moving companies. Brokers must use only movers who are FMCSA-registered for interstate moves.


Inquire whether the broker has a written contract with the movers it employs. The law requires this.


  • Ensure that the broker provides you with a written estimate based on the rates of the actual moving company. Never trust a verbal moving quote.
  • Request to see the broker’s promotional items, advertisements, and/or website. Brokers are required to include information about their physical office address, U.S. DOT registration number, and status as a broker who does not transport household goods but arranges for this service in their marketing materials. Ask for this information directly if there isn’t an advertisement available.


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