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5 Misconceptions about Commercial Moving Services

Posted on: April 21, 2017 | by: Hall Lane Movers April 23, 2018

Although most people have a general idea as to what commercial moving commercial moving services | Hall Lane Moving | Commack, NYservices involve, there are still several misconceptions. Without knowing the truth, some people end up making a wrong choice when choosing a moving company, only to face chaos and be overcharged. The information provided will help clear up any misunderstandings so that if you need this type of moving service, you will know exactly what to look and what to expect.

  1. Every moving company is licensed. – The biggest misconception about commercial moving services is that every company is licensed, which requires insurance coverage and licensed drivers. Fortunately, reputable moving companies are properly licensed and insured, and they do mandate that all drivers have valid licenses. However, roughly 25 percent of moving companies do not. In your search for the best company, these are things that you need to ask about and confirm.
  2. Companies that provide long-distance moving are all the same. Again, this is a misconception. Depending on the companies, there could be significant differences. Drivers who provide long-distance commercial moving services are required by law to have a specialized license issued from the Department of Transportation. If your company requires long-distance services, you have every right to verify the existence of DOT licenses.
  3. Movers always check backgrounds of employees. Sadly, this too is a misconception. Although this should be required, companies do not look into the backgrounds of the people they hire. In this case, the movers are strangers so if unchecked, there could be a risk of having expensive items being stolen. Top companies that provide commercial moving services know the value of checking all applicants before being hired for the customer’s protection and theirs.
  4. If something is lost, damaged, or destroyed, the moving company pays. Under current law, movers are required to pay $0.60 per pound for each item. That means that if a desk valued at $600 that weighs 300 pounds were seriously damaged during your move, the moving company would only legally liable for $180. In your search, you want to identify movers that offer full replacement value coverage. With that, you would receive up to $600 to replace a damaged desk with an exact or similar product.

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