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How to Make the Most of Residential Storage Units

Posted on: January 18, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers January 18, 2019

Storage Units – Downsizing and Relocating

Whether you’re moving to a more urban area, downsizing for retirement, moving in with a roommate, or moving into college housing, adjusting to a smaller space can mean a lot of changes. If your need to downsize is happening more quickly than your ability to pack, or if you think you’ll be moving to a larger home later on, residential storage units can be a great solution for your time and money needs.

Why choose residential storage? Storage, Hall Lane, Commack, NY

Especially if you’re not sure what pieces of furniture to take to your new, smaller home, storage units give you a chance to hang onto furniture, exercise equipment, electronics, and other items that are expensive to replace. If you’re making a temporary move, residential storage units are a safe, secured, and climate-controlled place to keep your possessions in good shape for your later needs.

How do I know what I should take to my new home?

Downsizing is all about prioritizing. Make a plan for your new space before you move anything. Decide how you want to use each space in your new home, and then allocate the furniture and possessions that should be in each space to make them useable and comfortable. Whatever items don’t fit into your plan can go into a residential storage unit. Hall Lane offers units of various sizes, and leases of various lengths, so you’ll be sure to find a storage solution that’s right for your needs.

What if I decide that there are items I don’t want to keep?

Moving is always an opportunity to sell, donate, or discard items that you’re no longer using. Lots of families will host a yard sale or garage sale before a move, and online marketplaces offer more and more ways to sell household goods. You can also donate furniture, clothing, books, and other household goods. If you’re not able to move furniture that you’d like to sell or donate, you can get a quote from Hall Lane for your specific needs, and our experienced movers will make sure that your furniture is moved safely.

How safe is residential storage?

Hall Lane runs a secured warehouse facility for our residential storage units. Our warehouse is temperature-controlled and climate-controlled. You can access your goods at any time with a key that you control. Residential storage units are a trusted way to assist many families with storing holiday items, décor, seasonal goods, sporting equipment, memorabilia, and more.

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