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Long Distance Moving with Children

Posted on: August 18, 2016 | by: Hall Lane Movers October 5, 2017

Job loss, promotions, and transfers, the need for a higher quality of life, and the desire to be closer to friends and family or to live in a different climate cause many families to move across town or across the country. While these moves can be stressful for all family members, they are particularly overwhelming for children.

Whether your child is a toddler, in grade school, or in high school, moving can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. The long distance moving at Hall Lane work with many families that find it difficult for their children to acclimate to the move.

Long Distance Moving: Tips for Moving With Children

Here are several tips to make moving a seamless transition for your child:

  1. Explain Why the Move is Necessary When you initially announce the move to your child, he or she may be confused as to why this is happening. You must make it a priority to clearly explain to your child why the move is necessary so that he or she understands what prompted this life change. Listen closely to your child, clarify any questions or concerns he or she may have, and look for feelings of anxiety and fear.long distance moving
  2. Allow Your Child to Express His or Her Feelings It’s fairly common for children to express feelings of sadness when they learn they will have to leave their friends, family, and familiar places behind. Allow your child to express these feelings and acknowledge the fact that you know he or she may be nervous to start a new school or make new friends.
  3. Reiterate the Excitement of Moving Explain to your child that while the move may be challenging at first, it will also be fun and interesting. To reiterate the excitement that comes with moving, purchase some books that discuss families that move to another city and find happiness in their new home.
  4. Take Your Child to the New Neighborhood Perhaps the most important thing you can do to help your child acclimate to the move is take him or her to explore the new neighborhood. Drive by his or her new school and home while taking him or her to a local museum, playground, or restaurant to help showcase all of the great places near the new home.

Long distance moving providers understand that a move is a drastic life change that can be hard on a child. By following the tips above and hiring dependable long distance moving such as Hall Lane Moving & Storage, you and your child can enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable moving experience.