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Plan a Long Distance Move on a Budget and Pick Your Moving Supplies

Posted on: February 9, 2021 | by: Hall Lane Movers February 9, 2021

Reliable Moving Supplies and How to Plan a Long Distance Move on a Budget

Planning a move in local distances can be a lot of work but there is even more to do when it comes to a long distance move. That is why our movers are here to share some of our favorite recommendations about how to plan a long distance move on a budget and what moving supplies will help you along the way.

Plan AheadStorage for Moving in Medford and Commack, NY

Planning for a move ahead of time is the most important step to creating an efficient and organized moving and storage plan. Trying to complete a move last minute can lead to rushing, possible mistakes, damages, and paying more for a moving company due to the time crunch. Take your time when inquiring into different moving and storage companies and seek out different estimates to find the professional movers who will help you the best. During these estimates, ask about the different services to see if they can be tailored to exactly what moving and storage services you need. The movers will work with you to see what options you have within your budget.

Moving Supplies

  • Commercial-grade Boxes
  • Packaging Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Markers
  • Labels
  • And More

While rushing can lead to mistakes and damages from damaging your belongings or furniture in an unorganized move, it is also important to use the proper moving supplies to keep your belongings safe. For example, if you try to complete a move with old, worn-out boxes, there is a risk they can break or tear open while moving causing possibly injury to the movers or damage to the items inside. You will want to start with new boxes to make sure they are sturdy enough to carry your items. While it is an investment to purchase new moving supplies, it will save you the cost of damages during your long distance move in the long run.


As you begin planning your long distance move, keep these tips in mind as you work with your budget and move to your new office or home. Our movers are here to help you navigate this transition in your life.

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