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Who to Notify of Your Move & Local Movers

Posted on: October 25, 2016 | by: Hall Lane Movers October 30, 2019

When we move, we are so concerned with packing, unpacking, and a seamless transition that we often overlook small details such as notifying others of our address change. If you are planning a move, you should note that you will need to do more than fill out an online change of address form filed with the post office.

Local Movers: Who to notify of your move?

Our local movers at Hall Lane Moving and Storage compiled this handy checklist of places you should notify of your move:

  1. The Post Office: Firstly, you should notify the post office with your new contact information. By doing so, you can ensure that mail from your old home will be forwarded to your new home. Change of address forms can be found online or at your local post office.
  2. Service Providers and Utilities: In order to avoid moving into your new place without power, heat, or cable, you must inform your utilities and service providers of your move. Local movers recommend doing so over the phone and keeping a record of the company representatives you spoke to as well as the date. Keeping a record will be helpful in the event that you encounter any issues switching over your utilities and services.Local Movers - Hall Lane Moving and Storage in Commack, NY
  3. Subscription Services: Whether you’re in a monthly wine club, subscribe to Netflix or a magazine, or any other subscription service, you should change your address online. You won’t want to move into your new home and realize that your newest Netflix movie arrived at your old address.
  4. Organizations You Pay: Any organization or individual that you give money to should be aware of your new address. Some examples of organizations or individuals you pay include a financial advisor, car insurance provider, bank, credit card company, and student loan lender.
  5. Schools and Doctor’s Office: If you have children, their schools should know that they have moved. In addition, a family care physician, dentist, and other medical professionals should be informed of the move. Notifying your insurance company is also a must.
  6. Loved Ones: It’s always nice to let your friends and family members know that you have moved. Our local movers suggest sending them a greeting card that features a picture of your new home and your new address.