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Posted on: August 20, 2020 | by: Hall Lane Movers August 20, 2020

Moving into Your First Apartment Checklist with New York Movers

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when moving into your first apartment. For most young adults, it means finally having a home of their own where they are king or queen of their castle. For many seniors, moving into their first apartment is the result of downsizing to a smaller and more affordable/easy to manage home. As one of the leading New York movers, the pros here at Hall Lane Moving and Storage have helped people of all ages moving into a new apartment. We offer this checklist of things you should take care of before you start unpacking your belongings.

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Start by contacting your current landlord to let them know you are moving out and to set up a time for your end of lease inspection. This is also an excellent time to ask what they want to be done with the keys when you are completely moved out.

Follow this by connecting with your new landlord with a list of questions at the ready. Your questions should include things like when you will be given the keys (if you don’t already have them,” and where does the moving truck park. You should also ask if there is a move-in checklist, and does the building have a service elevator to handle the big stuff?

Turn On/Turn Off

With so much going on, New York movers say many clients tend to forget the smaller things that need to be taken care of. This includes making sure you give the USPS a change of address, turning off old utilities, newspapers, cable, and internet, then making sure you turn them all on at your new apartment. Forgetting to turn any of your old apartment’s utilities off can leave you with a big bill if someone moves in and makes use of your generosity.

Speaking of change of address, be sure you inform your bank, your employer (if you aren’t retired), credit cards, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, and of course your family and friends. The Post Office has complete change of address packets that make this a relatively simple task.

Consider the Pros

Most of us have at one time thought about making a DIY move; after all, it’s cheaper right? By the time you add the cost of renting a truck, mileage, fuel, feeding those you’ve convinced to help with the heavy lifting, and refreshments for all, you could probably have paid for a team of professional New York movers.

Our teams here at Hall Lane have years of experience helping people move in and out of apartments of all sizes and on every imaginable floor. Our packers and movers make it look easy, but they have all undergone extensive training to ensure your move is completed seamlessly and stress-free. To learn more, contact Hall Lane Moving and Storage at (631) 734-0212. Our agent can answer your questions and schedule your free moving quote.