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How to Successfully Travel Long Distance with Pets

Posted on: July 4, 2022 | by: Hall Lane Movers August 25, 2022

Traveling Long Distances with Pets


Moving across towns or time zones can be challenging and overwhelming, and our pets can sense when we are feeling stressed. Everything in the house has been packed, relocated, or downsized, so the environment they are accustomed to has changed. Since we cannot communicate with our pets, their discomfort may increase as moving day approaches. If you are moving a long distance, this can be even more stressful for your pet. In this blog, we will provide tips on how to complete a stress-free long distance move with your pet!



Your pet may be confused even before relocation day. They know that packing and rearrangements are out of the ordinary and may be uneasy. To maintain consistency, try to keep their home environment clean in the weeks leading up to the move. Make no changes to their diet, schedule, or nutrition, and stick to their favorites.

Prepare your pet for the car. Bring their favorite foods along on the trip, so stock up! They may become worried if they are not used to traveling long distances. Take caution when fastening your pet’s container or carrier, as it is vital that the carrier not move abruptly in the case of an accident.

Consult your veterinarian about the relocation. They may be able to provide you with supplements to alleviate anxiety or motion sickness. Check that the tablets are operational before the big day.


Familiarize Yourself with Local Laws

Before you depart, learn about the laws of the places you will visit and stop. A health certificate is required for any animal crossing state lines. Check first because laws differ from state to state. The USDA website has information on state pet legislation.


Routes Preparation

Movers will handle nearly all of your belongings, but they do not transport pets. Choose a mode of transportation that meets your and your pet’s requirements. It is ideal to use a carrier or crate, with the ability to fasten it. And be sure to schedule breaks for food, water, and the restroom.



Check the size requirements before flying with your pet. Each airline has its own size restrictions. Be sure to check first because certain flights do not allow pets. Large pets must travel in the cargo hold, and it is best to avoid transporting your pet in the cargo area when it is extremely hot or cold. If they must travel in the cargo hold, a direct trip eliminates the need to change planes and may be ideal in this situation.


Traveling with a pet can be difficult. With these tips, we hope to lighten the load. If you need professional moving services, contact Hall Lane Movers today for all your moving needs!