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How to Pack for Your First Move

Posted on: July 18, 2022 | by: Hall Lane Movers August 26, 2022


First-time relocating is exciting, especially including the newfound independence! Finally, you are free to live your life as you see fit. But you do need to get through the moving process first! We’ll help you pack wisely for your first move so you can handle it with grace and enthusiasm.


Plan Ahead

Plan ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition. You can decrease the stress of this process by starting early. You may believe you should pack last because you must continue living in your current residence, but there are things you could pack early.

Choose seasonal clothing, furniture items, and sports equipment that you will not need until moving day. Pack those, as well as any dishes or small appliances. You most likely already have an abundance of kitchen supplies.

Work your way up from the least-used to the most-used goods, which will allow you to make progress while continuing to live your everyday life. Keep a few empty boxes on hand for the final part as the big day approaches.



Packing for a move is an excellent opportunity to eliminate unneeded items. Examine your possessions and determine whether you need them. Sort your belongings into donation, sell, and rubbish boxes.

Allow yourself plenty of time whether you go with a consignment shop or Facebook Marketplace. It’s profitable, but it’s time-consuming. Get in touch with your local facility to find out when you can bring your donations. Many donation centers offer reception hours and instructions on how to donate items, so save yourself a trip by doing it correctly the first time.


Gather Supplies

Packing requires resources to safeguard breakables and make moving things easier. Don’t put clothing into pillowcases and load books onto your arm. Pack everything correctly.

Collect a variety of moving boxes. They are reusable and can be found at liquor stores, bookstores, and supermarkets. Marking, taping, and padding with newspaper and bubble wrap are important for fragile items. Because this is your first move, gather more than you think you’ll need. Downsize and sort ahead of time, so you know what you’re taking.



Packing is the most time-consuming aspect of moving. You’ll most likely have a lot of small stuff to pack. Packing materials are not required. You can use towels, socks, rags, and other linens to store glassware and decorations.

To save space, pack your clothes in luggage or dresser drawers and blankets and pillows can be packed in heavy-duty plastic bags. They fit well in the crevices of moving trucks. Heavy items, like books, should be packed in smaller boxes to make them easier to carry.

Label all boxes, bags, and containers, so you know where everything belongs. Unloading the moving truck into the appropriate rooms will save you time throughout the unpacking process. You will find that moving and unpacking are less stressful when you plan ahead of time.


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