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Hall Lane Movers Tips: How to Pack Electronics

Posted on: March 2, 2018 | by: Hall Lane Movers March 2, 2018

Hall Lane When moving, some possessions require special care. As an example, it is essential to know the proper way to pack electronics for a move. Otherwise, you could arrive at your new home or office only to discover that expensive items are damaged. If you plan to pack up your equipment, the following tips from the movers at Hall Lane Moving and Storage will help substantially.


Boxes – When preparing electronics for an upcoming move, it is best to place the items inside of their original boxes if possible. Even with that, you want to find or purchase high-quality moving boxes. Make sure there are no stains, liquids, or pieces of food inside. Also, you want to select boxes that have no rips or tears. Ultimately, you want to pack your electronics inside of a box that is clean and sturdy even if it is also in its original box.


Packing Materials – Just like the boxes, you want to use only the best packing materials available. Bubble wrap is always the best material for packing electronics for a move and is the choice of packing experts at Hall Lane. However, you can use heavy-duty packing paper or crumpled newspaper to fill voids, thereby preventing anything inside the box from getting jostled around during transport.


Product Manual – Before placing your electronics in a box, read the product manual. Typically, it will include specific information on how to store and pack electronics for a move. If you do not have a manual, you can conduct an internet search, as it may be available online.


Temperature During Transport – While going over the product manual regarding how to pack electronics for a move, pay attention to any information about temperature. If you have an item sensitive to extreme cold or heat, especially in a long-distance move, talk to the company you hire to see what suggestions they have. The long distance moving experts at Hall Lane recommend considering a truck with climate control. If you plan to put sensitive electronics in storage, even for the short term, you want to get a climate-controlled unit for optimal protection.


Color-Coding – If you have a significant number of electronics, use a color coding method so that you know where each box goes in your new home. On the receiving end, that will streamline the unpacking process, saving you a tremendous amount of time and effort.


Professional Packing – If you feel overwhelmed with the process of packing electronics for a move or do not have adequate time, you can use the services of a professional team from the moving company you hire. Hall Lane Moving and Storage offers full service packing and unpacking options to save you time and help keep things organized. The crew will work on your behalf to get everything boxed up, loaded, transported, and unloaded.