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Hall Lane Moving Tips For a Successful Office Move

Posted on: May 5, 2018 | by: Hall Lane Movers May 5, 2018

hall lane moving Considering moving your office without hiring a commercial mover? After more consideration, you might think again. The reality is that the job is probably far beyond your capabilities, whether moving a small office or an entire corporation. An office move requires a tremendous amount of work. We, at Hall Lane Moving and Storage, have some tips for planning a stress-free move.

Consider these tips for an office move with little to no disruption of operations

  • Hire a Professional Moving Company– Hire a reputable professional who understands the complex challenges of an office move. Hall Lane Moving and Storage knows that their reputation for outstanding customer service has been built by their experienced personnel exceeding customer expectations over the years. You need experts you can trust to help with each step of the process at a price that fits your budget.
  • Planning is Vital– A well outlined plan is the next step for your successful office move. Hall Lane Moving and Storage brings peace of mind, providing the support you need. Your point of contact will determine your needs in advance. Their Relocation Specialists will work with you to create a plan for changing out your phone system and all office electronics (computers, copiers, and other IT equipment), keeping your staff apprised throughout the process as well.
  • Moving Coordinators– Designate someone from each department to serve as a Moving Coordinator to assist in keeping things organized and streamlined. This person can serve as a liaison between you and your employees. This will help business operations to continue as smoothly as possible. Use intranet, if you have it, so important documents aren’t misplaced or lost throughout your moving transition.
  • Communication is Important– Precise communication is imperative during your office move, regardless of whether it is with your Relocation Specialist, designated Moving Coordinator, or any employee. Be sure to articulate your needs effectively with precise detail.
  • Organization will be Appreciated– Your commercial movers will make their best effort to keep things organized, but you’ll also need to do your part. A master file, containing a layout of the new office space, placement of equipment and desks, and vendor names with phone numbers will be appreciated by all.

Follow the above tips and clearly communicate with your commercial movers, to ensure a successful office move with minimal downtime. If you need help planning your relocation, contact Hall Lane Moving and Storage, of Commack, NY, to arrange your free estimate.