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Organization & Hiring A Moving Company

Posted on: October 10, 2016 | by: Hall Lane Movers January 9, 2018

One of the most emotional experiences in life is moving. The fear of change, stress of packing and unpacking, and bittersweet feeling of shifting your life to a new place can be a lot to cope with. Fortunately, staying organized when packing up your current house to prepare for your new home can make the moving process far less overwhelming. As a top-notch moving company, Hall Lane offers the following tips on how to stay organized when packing up your house for an upcoming move:

  1.       Donate

There is no better time to go through your belongings and figure out which ones you no longer need or will no longer use. Donating these items to people in need is a great way to minimize the amount of possessions you will need to pack as well as clutter in your new home.Hall Lane Moving Company

  1.       Pack Wisely

If you happen to be moving during the summer, you should pack up all of your winter clothing items in advance. Walk through each room in your home and pack any item that you know you won’t need to use during the last few days in your current home. These items may be extra pet food, bulk snack packages, or additional televisions.

  1.       Take Advantage of Your Luggage

You probably have luggage in your current home that you and your family use while you travel. Moving company professionals suggest that you use this luggage by filling it with clothing, linens, towels, and any other items that will fit to reduce the amount of moving boxes you will need. Hampers and waste baskets should also be packed with belongings to save even more space.

  1.      Purchase Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Wardrobe moving boxes were designed to make it easy to pack hanging clothes. They feature a metal hanger that makes it simple to move clothing from a closet directly to a box. Wardrobe moving boxes function like portable closets and can save you the time of having to fold every piece of clothing you own.

  1.    Color Coordinate Boxes

Moving experts who work for a moving company encourage clients to color coordinate boxes by room. In order to do this, simply select a color for each room in your new home and label each box with the color for the location it will belong in at your new home. This will make the moving process convenient for you and the movers.