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Hall Lane: Brooklyn Movers Share Tips on How to Help Your Pets Adjust to a New Home

Posted on: November 6, 2020 | by: Hall Lane Movers November 6, 2020

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Moving into a new home can be a rather stressful experience for most families. We can only imagine how overwhelming it can be for our beloved dogs, cats, and other pets. A change of home can make your pet feel anxious and insecure. So, how do you help your pet adapt to their new setting without much fuss? Brooklyn movers are here to help with some useful tips.

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For the most part, pets are creatures of habit. With this in mind, one of the most important things is to try to keep their routine uninterrupted once you bring them over to your new place. If at all possible, arrange the furniture and other house items to resemble your old home. This will create a familiar feel of the place and help your pets adapt quickly. Consider not washing some of your things from the old house just to let your pets sniff them, to know they are home.

If you have a dog, it might be a good idea to first take them out to the backyard and encourage them to relieve themselves once there. Cats should be shown where the litter box is and be encouraged to do their thing there.

Giving your beloved pet some treats and snacks once you are inside the home for the first time is also a good idea. It is important to let them explore their new surroundings, though you might want to keep an eye on them while they do it. In addition to this, make an effort to pet-proof your new home. If your pooch or kitty is something of an escape artist, inspect or repair the fence and do the same with the shutters on your windows.

Last but not least, find a reliable vet in your vicinity and give them a heads up before Brooklyn movers or family members complete your relocation. Let them know about your pet, that you are new to the neighborhood, and that they can expect you at some point for a checkup.

Once you have jumped through all of these hoops, take the time to relax, play, and just have some fun with your pet in your new home.

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