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Cross Country Moving: How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Posted on: June 11, 2020 | by: Hall Lane Movers June 11, 2020

Cross Country Moving Tips

With hundreds of realtors across the country, choosing the right agent can seem like a daunting task. While finding one that you’re happy with can ultimately provide a positive experience, the opposite will likely be true if you enlist an agent you don’t really get along with. Luckily, with the following advice from our cross country moving team at Hall Lane Moving and Storage, you’ll surely find the best real estate agent for you the first time around.

Cross Country Moving - Hall Lane Moving and Storage

Agent Referrals and Research

Seek out referrals from friends, family, and in doing your own research online. Someone who had a positive experience with an agent gives them credibility that may work for you. In addition to seeking referrals, you should do your own research into the agent online. Learning about the agent and their personality will certainly allow you to make a determination on whether they could be a fit.

Ask Lots of Questions

Before stepping foot in any homes you’re interested in with a realtor, make sure to meet them beforehand to assess their character. Ask them as many questions as you’d like, so you can decide if this agent is most ideal. Find out about their selling and buying history, their negotiation tactics, strategies, skills, and experience in your chosen neighborhood.

Realtor Experience and Competitive Advantages

Find a realtor that has the experience, a competitive edge, and the willingness to help you get what you want. However, while well-established agents may have years of knowledge in the industry, newer ones may surprise you with their drive and determination. Assess their strengths before making your final decision.

Stay True to your Intuition

Although the above-mentioned points are all valid, what’s equally important is to stay true to your intuition. Do you feel uncomfortable around the agent? Do you both get along? Do you like them and trust their judgment? These are all crucial aspects to keep in mind, as you will be working alongside them towards a significant purchase – perhaps even the biggest one of your life. So, choose wisely.

Ongoing Review

Even though you may have selected a realtor, the review process should be ongoing. That’s to say, continue to assess your working relationship, noting any issues or communication problems along the way. In doing so, you’re assured a greater likelihood of a successful long-term relationship. Of course, if you feel you no longer have a rapport or things aren’t working out, don’t hesitate to part ways.

Cross Country Moving

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