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Tips for Estimating the Cost of Hiring Brooklyn Movers

Posted on: June 16, 2017 | by: Hall Lane Movers December 13, 2017

If you have never hired a professional moving company before, Brooklyn Movers | Hall Lane Moving and Storage | Commack, NYthere are several important things to know. For example, you need to understand how movers estimate their costs. Keep in mind that as you research different Brooklyn movers, you will quickly notice that the prices vary based on experience, the type of move, add-on services, and so on. For a good idea as to how movers calculate their costs, consider the information provided.

Full-Service Movers

 Although the most expensive option, full service means just that: The moving company does the majority of the work. If you move consists of going from one state to another, movers typically charge based on the distance between your current and new address and the weight of your goods. However, if your move is local, which is usually considered anything less than 100 miles away, movers will likely provide you with an estimate based on an hourly rate.

 Local Movers

 For a local move, which means your current and new address are 100 miles or less apart, the cost varies on several things, including your location. In other words, the amount that reputable Brooklyn movers charge is different from the rate quoted by movers in Missouri. Also, most local moving companies charge on an hourly basis, whether moving goods that you packed, handling the packing and unpacking for you, disassembling and assembling furniture pieces, and so on.

For this type of move, you should also understand the term “travel fee,” which covers not only the time it takes the moving company to reach your current home but also time spent on the road going in between the two addresses and fuel. For most moving companies, this fee is equal to one hour of regular move-related work.


As you can see, there is a big difference in what you could pay. To get outstanding service at the most economical price, it is imperative that you research the top Brooklyn movers and then choose the right one for your needs.