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Avoid Packing These Items When Moving! Tips from New York Moving Companies

Posted on: October 16, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers October 16, 2019

New York Moving Companies like Hall Lane Offer Some Advice on What Not to Pack Before a Move

The days before a move are often frantic. If you are slightly behind schedule, you may find yourself just tossing whatever you can find into boxes to speed up the process. While we admire your diligence, there are some things you should not pack up into boxes before a move. Here is some advice from New York moving companies like Hall Lane on what you should not pack before a move.

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The first thing is probably the most obvious. Unless you have a bunch of canned food that will last, you should not worry about packing up any food, meats and produce in particular. Some dry foods like rice, grains, and flour can be packed safely, but processed and packaged foods should be consumed before moving.

Pressurized containers

Pressurized containers are also a big no-no. Pressurized containers such as aerosol cans should not be packed. These containers are at risk of exploding if jostled around too much. Moreover, many pressurized cans have flammable contents. New York moving companies such as Hall Lane recommend getting rid of all aerosols and flammable products before moving


Most medicines won’t go bad if you pack it up into moving boxes, but the last thing you want is for your medicine to be out of reach if you need it. Keep all important medications out of moving boxes and close to your person.

Jewelry and other valuables

Lastly, you should not pack jewelry and other valuables. These items are prone to damage and can exponentially lose value if scratched or dented. If you do pack jewelry, make sure that you have a case specifically designed for packing up such items, don’t just put them in a regular cardboard box.

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