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Apartment Move Out Checklist: Get You Deposit Back With These Tips From Moving Services in NYC

Posted on: November 21, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers November 21, 2019

Make sure you get back your entire security deposit back with this apartment move-out checklist

Moving out of an apartment? We know that landlords can be tough and they will do everything in their power to hold on to your security deposit. That’s why moving services in NYC like Hall Lane are here with this apartment move out checklist. Hit every item on this list to get your full security deposit back.

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Clean Everything

This first thing is a thorough cleaning. We do not just mean the basics like floor, dishes, and carpets either, we mean everything: cabinets, baseboards, walls, stover tops, etc. Every surface in your place should be thoroughly cleaned. Landlords will charge cleaning fees if your apartment needs to be cleaned so don’t give them a reason to charge you.

Keep Your Move-In Checklist

When you moved into your current place you should have completed a pre-move checklist. The purpose of these checklists is to notify the landlord of any pre existing issues so you are not held responsible for them. Landlords are supposed to keep a copy of these forms but they often do not, so moving services in NYC recommend keeping an extra copy on you and consulting it when it is move-out time.

Know Your Lease

Make sure you understand the exact terms on the lease so you know what you are responsible for. Some landlords won’t charge you for small repairs, others will. You need to know your lease terms backward and forward so you know which things you will be held accountable for.

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