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Spring Cleaning and Organization: Advice from Movers in Long Island

Posted on: May 11, 2017 | by: Hall Lane Movers April 23, 2018

With a move planned, professional movers from Long Island advise that this is the perfect time for spring cleaning.Advice from Movers in Long Island | Hall Lane Moving All too often, people continually move “stuff” from one location to another even though they have no purpose for the items. Not only do they end up with an abundance of things to put away, they spend more money than necessary to move. With the insight provided, you can enjoy a smoother and more cost-efficient move.

Start at the back with the bedrooms, moving your way toward the front of the house. Next, set up boxes, each clearly marked for trash, donation, and recycle. For each room, go through everything, including items in closets, dressers and built-in drawers, cabinets, and so on, placing things that you do not need or want into the appropriate bin. While you might be tempted to hang on to too many items, professional movers in Long Island state that if you have not used something for six months, there is no reason to take it to your new home. Be sure that you spring clean the basement, attic, garage, and any outdoor buildings, as well.

To get organized in preparation for your move, you have three primary options.

  1. Complete all of your spring cleaning and then go back through the process of packing.
  2. Along with the boxes for trash, donate, and recycle, set up your moving boxes. To make sure that none of the boxes get mixed up, expert movers in Long Island recommend that you place them on the opposite side of the room from the others.
  3. Finish your spring cleaning and then choose the packing add-on service offered by the moving company. With this service, a crew of packing experts will take over this responsibility. In addition to packing, they will provide all of the required packing material and tape, and mark each box so that the movers know into which room to place or unpack the boxes at your new location.

Something else mentioned by top movers in Long Island is that depending on when your move is scheduled, you may want to clean each room as you go. In other words, once you have placed everything in the appropriate box, clean off the top of closet shelves, under sinks, air vents, windows, etc. before moving on to the next room to start the boxing, packing, and cleaning cycle. For many people, this helps streamline the overall process.