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8 Items That Require Climate Controlled Storage: Storage Solutions from Hall Lane Moving and Storage

Posted on: August 21, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers August 21, 2019

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Anyone who has spent some time looking for storage units has probably heard of climate-controlled storage units. Climate-controlled units, as the name would imply, are storage units that control the temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled storage units tend to be a bit more expensive than normal units, but sometimes are necessary for your storage solutions. Here are 8 items that absolutely need to be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. 

1. Wooden Furniture

Wood has a bad tendency to absorb moisture over time, which can cause cracks, rotting, and warping. If you are storing any wooden objects, like tables, bed frames, or cabinets, having a climate-controlled storage unit is necessary.

2. Electronics

Electronics appliances like video game systems, washers, dryers, TVs and kitchen appliances require climate-controlled storage to prevent degradation fo the circuit components due to moisture and dust.

3. Books

Books, in general, are huge traps for moisture and dust. Especially for books with pictures and illustrations, poor climate control can damage the pages and make them unreadable.

4. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments, like guitars, trumpets, pianos, etc. need the proper environment to prevent damage to the components. For example, wooden guitars can absorb moisture and warp while brass and woodwind instruments can get damaged from corrosion. Storage solutions for musical instruments should involve climate-controlled units.

5. Artwork

Artwork, including things like paintings, photos, and other pictures should be stored in a climate-controlled unit. Paints and chemicals on photos can be ruined by moisture and heat.

6. Clothing

Whether you are storing all your coats for the winter or have your summer clothes all packed up, clothing requires climate-controlled storage. It is important to maintain humidity levels in your storage unit to prevent dust and mold growing in your clothes.

7. Mattresses and Bedding

Anyone who has a damp mattress knows they are a breeding ground for mold, fungus, and pests. Mattresses can be very expensive too, so your best bet for storage solutions for mattresses and bedding involves renting a climate-controlled storage unit.

8. Special Collections

Hobby collectors need to protect their collections for years to come. So if you have any special collections, things like stamps, coins, wine, or comic books to name a few, climate-controlled storage units will keep your special collections safe from the elements.

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