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How Storage Facilities Can Help You

Regardless if you are interested in getting occasionally used items out of the garage, Storage Facility | Hall Lane Moving and Storage | Chicago, ILgetting organized as part of an upcoming move, downsizing your business, or having your home/office renovated or remodeled, storage facilities are extremely beneficial. Of course, there are many additional reasons for renting a storage unit. In any case, this solution is definitely worthwhile.

Often, storage facilities are used to store valuables. For that reason, it is important to choose the right company. It is also important to have insurance protection for the items in your unit, whether through the facility itself or your personal insurance provider.

As far as benefits, here are just a few examples:

  • Secure Premises – The right storage company will go out of its way to ensure that your unit is completely safeguarded. In addition to tall fences, an electric gate, and a state-of-the-art 24-hour surveillance system, many storage facilities have on-site security guards or employees.
  • Competitive Pricing – Another benefit of choosing a reputable company is that you will pay a competitive price for the type of unit required. Usually, storage companies have different plans that range from short to long term.
  • 24-Hour Access – Inevitably, when you put personal or business-related items in a storage unit, you need to retrieve something. With 24-hour access, you can get to your items whenever you need, day or night.

Climate-Controlled Units

 Although you can always rent a standard unit, storage facilities also offer climate-controlled units. When storing artwork, leather furniture, DVDs and CDs, expensive clothing, and other delicate valuables, a climate-controlled unit is ideal.

Because the inside temperature of the unit is controlled, items that can melt or are sensitive to temperatures are fully protected. Your belongings are also protected from condensation caused by high humidity.

If you were to place expensive clothing, wood or leather furniture, and other items in a standard unit, there is a good chance they would be ruined. However, by choosing a climate-controlled unit, your belongings are not at risk. In fact, a climate-controlled unit will also keep unwanted pests out.

Achieving Peace of Mind

When looking at different storage facilities, the goal is to choose the one that offers everything you need for peace of mind. Especially if you plan to keep your items in storage for several months, if not longer, you need to know they are protected and that you have access when needed.

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How Storage Services Can Help you Declutter with the New Year

You might think of storage services as an option whileStorage Services | Hall Lane Moving and Storage | Commack, NY moving, but in reality, there are other benefits. For example, as the new year approaches, these services can help with decluttering your home.

Valuable Tips on Storage Services

Specific to decluttering, storage services are used both short and long-term. On a short-term basis, you can rent a unit to store items that need sorting. Renting a space for one to two months allows you to sift through belongings that will be tossed out, sold, and donated, without feeling pressured for time.

Following are some additional benefits of using storage services for decluttering going into the new year.

  • Summer Toys – A storage unit is a much better place to keep pool toys, bikes, jet skis, and sporting goods, among other things. By maintaining a unit, you can keep summer toys in storage and then switch them out with your winter toys. This frees up space in the garage, making it easier to get in and out of your vehicle.
  • Holiday ItemsStorage services help with decluttering all types of holiday items. Immediately following the New Year, the Christmas tree and decorations can be placed in storage. However, maintaining a storage unit throughout the year is ideal for all holiday decorations, including Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and so on.
  • Cherished ItemsMost people keep cherished items that they simply do not want to part with. The problem is that children’s toys, school projects, and other sentimental items take up a great deal of space. With storage services, you get these things out of the way but without actually getting rid of them.
  • ClothingIf you love clothes but have little closet space, renting a storage unit makes perfect sense. You can store items during the off-season and then swap them out as needed. For clothing, be sure to rent a climate-controlled space. That way, your clothes will be protected from dust, dirt, and even insects.

Using storage services to help declutter as part of the new year gives you a fresh start. Having a clean and uncluttered home brings peace to everyone, while your personal possessions are safely stored away until needed. Whether you use a storage facility for a few months or on an indefinite basis, there is no better way to get your home in a more organized state.

Benefits of A Climate Controlled Storage Facility

When searching for a storage company to hold your belongings, it’s important to find a storage facility that offers climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage will ensure that your valuable, environmentally sensitive items remain in their optimal condition.

What Do I Put In A Storage Facility?

A climate controlled storage facility will keep your possessions in a safe temperature that is resistant to humidity, pests, dust, and other environmental threats. Hall-Lane is pleased to provide our customers with climate controlled storage to ensure that the following items receive the protection they deserve:

  1.    Wooden or Leather Furniture

Unfortunately, extensive moisture exposure can prompt wood to crack or rot. If you are planning on storing wooden furniture such as nightstands, bed frames, tables and chairs, and entertainment centers, a storage facility with climate controlled is a necessity. Since leather is also sensitive to extreme moisture, leather furniture should be stored in a climate controlled area as well.Short Term Storage Facility

  1.    Household Appliances

There are many expensive household appliances that can endure rust, cracking, and permanent damage when stored in an area that is too hot or too cold. Hall-Lane highly recommends that refrigerators, washers and dryers, microwaves, and ovens are all stored in a climate controlled storage unit so that these costly belongings last for as long as possible.

  1.    Musical Instruments

If you are storing a musical instrument, temperature control is essential. Strings, percussion, brass, and woodwind instruments can all be damaged by extreme humidity and temperatures. Whether you’d like to store a musical instrument for a short or long period of time, it is a delicate piece of equipment that needs to be placed in a climate controlled facility.

  1.    Electronics

If your electronics are being stored in areas that are susceptible to drastic temperature changes and humidity, they will likely become damaged. Televisions, computers, audio gear, and other forms of electronics can be kept safe in a storage unit with climate control.

  1.    Clothing

If you’re placing your sweaters, coats, pants, and other winter clothing items in storage for the summer, you need to make sure that they do not develop mold or mildew. Climate controlled storage will ensure that your clothing remains in tip-top form so that you can wear it again once the cold weather hits.

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How Moving and Storage Can Help You Settle Into a New City

Regardless of how far you’re moving, opting for a storage unit can be very helpful. It can minimize the stress of moving and allow you and your family to enjoy a seamless move.At Hall Lane Moving and Storage, we highly recommend that our customers incorporate storage solutions into their move for the following reasons:

Moving and Storage in Commack, NY

Hall Lane_ Moving and Storage

Getting a head start on moving can alleviate many hassles on your actual moving day. A few weeks before your move, you should locate a reliable, climate controlled storage space. This will give you the opportunity to start transporting your belongings to your new home when you have free time. In the event that your moving date does not match the date you will actually be moving in, a moving and storage company can make this process easier by helping you store your possessions before your move takes place.


Some companies require their employees to temporarily move so that they can work at the company headquarters or provide assistance at another location. If you have to move to a new city for work and find that the housing prices are pricey, storing your items in a storage facility can help. It will give you the chance to rent out a smaller home and still keep non-essential near you.


Although they are not ideal, short notice moves happen often. If you happen to accept a job offer in a new town and will need to start within a few weeks or months, a moving and storage company that offers storage units becomes a necessity. While you temporarily live with friends or family or stay at a hotel, a storage facility can keep your belongings safe and sound until you find your new home.


Whether you’re interested in long or short term storage solutions, Hall Lane Moving and Storage is a great choice. Contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge storage facility can assist you in your move.


Decluttering & Storage Solutions

Creating an organized home can be a time consuming and often times, daunting task. It’s far easier to throw an item of clothing on the floor rather than hang it up in the closet. Unfortunately, clutter can have a negative effect on our physical and mental wellbeing.


The good news is that decluttering is an easy way to improve your life and enjoy a happier, more positive state of mind. By opting for storage solutions for your seasonal and rarely used belongings and decluttering your home, you can reap the following benefits:

  1. Reduced Stress: Believe it or not, clutter can prompt stress. When too many items sit around, collect dust, and get in your way, simple tasks become more challenging and you can experience stress as a result. Taking advantage of storage solutions or getting rid of some items that give you stressful or undesirable memories can provide you with a great sense of relief.  hall-lane_storage-solutions
  2. Improved Focus: Clutter can distract you from the important aspects of life. Overflowing drawers or floors packed with magazines and old newspapers can cause distraction and frustration. When these drawers are organized and free of unnecessary items and the floors are clean, you’ll be able to tackle everyday important tasks with a greater focus.
  3. A Sense of Accomplishment: When you look around a cluttered home, you are likely to experience feelings of depression. Clutter will make you feel like you have failed to organize and clean up your environment. When you declutter your home by tossing some items and using storage solutions for others, you will enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with a tidy, organized space.
  4. Less Misplaced Items: Losing your precious belongings can be a real hassle. Once you declutter your home, you will no longer have to search for that black pair of pants or important bank document. Searching for a few items on a daily or weekly basis can waste your time and stress you out. Eliminating clutter from your home will significantly reduce the chances of misplacing everyday items.

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