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Choosing a Long Island Moving Company

Long Island Moving CompanyYou’ve decided to move to Long Island City, Congratulations! It is a city that’s well-known for its gorgeous waterfront parks with a view of the Manhattan skyline that will take your breath away. But that’s probably not the only reason why you’re moving to this city. It has many art galleries, art institutions and movie studios. Most likely, you will be moving to one of the growing number of luxurious condominium buildings in the city. Now is the best time to own your own piece of this city where there’s so much to do and so much to see.

While most people think that moving will involve everything you own, this shouldn’t be the case, especially in high-priced units where the living spaces can be smaller. Take some time to determine which of your belongings are essential and which you may no longer have space for. If you are having trouble leaving behind some of your treasures finding a local Long Island moving company seems to be the practical choice. Full-service movers can provide you with services to fit any of your moving and storage needs. Many times a Long Island moving company or storage company even offers customized storage solutions for your specific needs and moving requirements.

Factors When Choosing A Long Island Moving Company

Before choosing a Long Island moving company or Long Island storage company, it is best to first consider these factors:

  • Is the facility near your home? Consider the distance it will take to go to and from your storage unit.
  • How long are you thinking of storing your things? Decide whether you want a long or short term plan. Long term contracts may offer big discounts.
  • How many items are you storing? This will determine the size and price of your storage unit.
  • What kind of things are you storing? Some items are not allowed to be stored including hazardous and flammable items like paints, batteries and highly corrosive materials.
  • Is it a safe and secure facility?

It is not that hard to find a reliable Long Island moving and storage company that will help you with your move and also help you hold on to some of those cherished belongings. Contact Hall Lane Moving and Storage today and we will be happy to help you with any of your moving and storage questions.

Getting A New York Moving Estimate

One of the most effective ways to save money is to shop around and look at multiple options prior to making a purchase. When searching for a New York moving company, you should also shop around to ensure that you receive quality service at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Getting A New York Moving Estimate

At Hall Lane, we encourage you to get moving estimates from multiple companies so that you can make an informed decision on who to trust with your moving needs. Here are some further reasons to get a moving estimate:

When researching New York moving companies, you will find that most of them are priced similarly. If you happen to come across a company that charges more or less than average, you will want to do some further research to find out york moving
It may be that they are a start-up looking for new clients or they’ve been in the business for years and provide a lot of additional services in their moving package. Asking for multiple moving quotes will give you a good idea of the average price of movers in New York so that you can investigate outliers.

Price will probably play a huge role in which moving company you select. Once you have several similarly priced moving quotes, you can start to research other factors that are important to you. These factors may include the types of services offered, availability, experience level, and customer service.

The easiest way to get an estimate from a New York moving company is to fill out an estimate form on their website. In most cases, this form will ask you for your name, contact information, date of your anticipated move, pickup and delivery zip codes, and dwelling type. Once a moving company receives this information, they will contact you via phone or email with a quote.

f you’re interested in an affordable and dependable New York Company, request a free estimate from Hall Lane today. You will find that our estimates are fairly priced and come with exceptional customer service and reliable service.