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Comparing Long Island Movers

Even when well planned, every move is stressful to some degree.Long Island Movers | Hall Lane Moving and Storage | Long Island, NY Although there is a sense of excitement when heading to a new home, the sheer amount of planning and work involved is daunting. If you have an upcoming move that involves going from one location to another on Long Island or perhaps to a completely different city or state, it is to your advantage to find the best Long Island movers possible.

Professional movers offer experience, expertise, and equipment for every job, big and small. The goal is to hire a company that is 100 percent dedicated to getting your items to the new location safely while providing outstanding support.

Official Licensing

When researching different Long Island movers, be sure they are properly licensed. For intricacy and intrastate moves, check with your state moving association to confirm the companies meet all legal requirements, including licensing. However, if going across state lines, licensing comes from the federal government. In addition, moving companies have a Department of Transportation number that you can check.

To verify licensing for interstate moves, contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Licensed Long Island movers are required to abide by strict industry standards as they apply to the law.

Moving Estimates

Prior to signing a contract, get at least three estimates from Long Island movers. This includes an inventory list that details what rooms will be moved, including any crawlspace, attic, basement, outside shed, closets, and so on, as well as each box and item.

After selecting the moving company, request an Order for Service. This gives the company authorization to transport goods from one location to another. In addition, make sure that you get a Bill of Lading. This is a receipt for all of your possessions as well as a legal contract between you and the moving company.

Insurance Protection

When talking to different Long Island movers, confirm what type of insurance coverage they provide and in what amount. According to federal law, movers that go across state lines are mandated to offer customers released value or full value protection.

While there is no charge for released value insurance, you are responsible for paying $0.60 for every pound of items that are either damaged or lost during the move. With full value protection, you pay more, but if your items are damaged or lost, the moving company is responsible for paying the replacement cost. Sometimes, your own homeowner’s insurance policy will cover items, but if not, you can always purchase a separate policy from your provider.

Avoiding Common Long Island Movers Mistakes

A successful move is easier said than done. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, moving can be a challenging endeavor. A lack of preparation can lead to a variety of problems and unnecessary stress.

Mistakes to Avoid, From Long Island Movers

If you’re currently in the process of moving or planning a move in the near future, the Long Island movers at Hall Lane Moving & Storage recommend that you avoid the following common moving mistakes:

  1. Forgetting to Plan To ensure a stress-free moving experience, you should plan your move at least 60 days prior to the actual move-in date. If you’re planning to move during the peak summer season, you should reserve reliable Long Island movers well in advance of the date you wish to move in.
  2. Failing to Research Movers You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your move. While quality service may come at a higher price point, it will be worth it in the end when you realize all of your belongings have made it safely to your new home and a team of professionals are there to streamline the moving process. Instead of choosing the first mover you get a quote for, make sure you compare various Long Island movers and check references, licenses, and insurances to ensure you make a sound decision.Long Island Movers
  3. Overpacking Although moving is the optimal time to sort through all of your belongings, you should not pack everything you own. If you come across items that you haven’t used in years or no longer need an item, you should get rid of it or store in a storage facility. Keep in mind that all of the items that work in your current home may no longer be viable in your new home.
  4. Not Labeling Moving Boxes Labeling your moving boxes is a simple task that can save you hours and hours of frustration. You should label each moving box with a certain color that corresponds to a particular room in your new home. For example, all of the boxes with a red mark belong in the kitchen while all of the boxes with a green mark contain bathroom related essentials.
  5. Skipping Insurance It’s common to avoid purchasing insurance in order to cut costs. However, if you own a number of family heirlooms or valuable items that would be pricey to replace, insurance is definitely a worthwhile investment. Once you decide on a moving company, find out what insurance options are available so you can determine which plan is right for you.

By planning ahead and being aware of moving mistakes that many people make, you can enjoy a hassle-free and memorable move. For support with all of your moving needs, contact Hall Lane Moving & Storage, one of the most dependable Long Island movers on the market.

3 Resources for Moms in Long Island

If you’ve just moved to Long Island you might be exploring Long Island. If you’re a Mom, this might be a difficult transition for you and your kids. Being responsible for finding your kids the best school, community groups and activities, can be a daunting task. That’s why Hall Lane and our Long Island movers have put together a list of resources to help new Mom’s in the Long Island area get settled. Whether it’s a website, resource or community meet-up group – we have something for you.

1. Mingling Moms: Visit if you’re a new (12 months or less) or expecting Mom moving to Long Island. The group hosts two-hour lunches where a guest speaker will offer advice and insight into motherhood. This event also offers time for Moms to mix and mingle in an open-discussion.

2. Café Mom: Visit the “Long Island Moms” group on café to participate in forum discussions around specific topics, including:

a.Long Island Pregnant Moms

b.Long Island Toddlers

c.Long Island Kids with Special Needs

d.Long Island Teens and Tweens

e.Long Island Childcare and Babysitter

3. Want to meet some Moms for a meetup? Check out for local interest groups including some that are Mom-specific. One active group that’s organizing activities right now is the “Stroller Strides Moms Group of Long Island”:

After you check out these resources, be sure to talk to neighbors and parents at your kids’ schools, as there are usually some localized play-dates or groups that get together more informally. It’s always great to get to know people in your community – it will help moving to Long Island that much easier for you and your family.

For more information about moving to Long Island or to request a free estimate contact  one of our Long Island movers Hall Lane Moving and Storage today. Our Long Island Movers are ready to help you with all your moving needs.


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It has been a year since making the major change from United Van Lines to North American Van Lines. The change was a tough one, but a rewarding one. We would like to thank all of the employees and individuals at North American for helping us with this change. In this process we have learned a whole lot from each other and will continue to learn and grow from each other. We can not wait to see what the second year has in store for us. The buzz is building and  we are very excited about the future. Thank you all!

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