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Is It Common for a Moving Company to Offer Promotions?

Many people eager to save money want to know if moving companies offer promotions. The answer is yes, but there are still some things to know so that you do not end up getting scammed. Fortunately, a reputable moving company understands the importance of connecting with current customers and prospects and will, therefore, offer special pricing from time to time.Moving Company Offers | Commack, NY | Hall Lane


In support of the military, whether currently serving or as a veteran, most reputable moving companies have a military discount that covers the entire immediate family. The percentage of the discount depends on the company, but regardless, not only does this honor the military, it saves them money. Often, families with loved ones deployed struggle financially, so when moving, every dime counts. Along with saving money, this helps reduce stress during a difficult time.


Some companies also offer discounts for the elderly. While this type of discount may be somewhat harder to find, a top moving company will typically work with an aging person, helping them out financially. Even though the discounted price is probably not significant, everything helps. Especially when trying to make ends meet on a fixed income, this discount is a tremendous benefit.


Some companies also have special pricing during the off-season. Most moving companies stay busy from late spring to early fall. Beyond that, business falls off. To keep employees working, professional movers will reduce their standard prices to some degree. If at all possible, try to schedule your move during the slow season, and then choose a company that has special pricing. That way, you will spend less to get from point A to point B.


You will also find that many moving companies have promotions throughout the year, whether in correlation to a major holiday or just because they want to drum up business. For instance, a moving company may offer special pricing during the Fourth of July weekend, around Memorial Day, Labor Day, and so on. However, because these holidays fall within the busiest season, it is important to book your move as early as possible. If a company has not yet announced reduced pricing, you can always ask.


Something else to consider is that even without a promotion, you can negotiate the price of your move. If you feel it is too high, it never hurts to haggle within reason. There are two reasons why a moving company has promotions. First, they want to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. Second, they use discounted rates as a marketing tool. Regardless, promotions create a win-win situation for both parties.

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