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Moving Seniors: Tips From New York Moving Companies

Posted on: July 12, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers July 12, 2019

Moving a senior parent can be a stressful experience so follow these tips from new york moving companies to make it go smoothly

Moving is one of those things that never really gets easier the older you get. From leaving a house full of memories to losing their sense of independence, moving a senior parent with physical or cognitive difficulties is emotionally and physically taxing. Read on to discover tips for moving an elderly parent from professional New York moving companies.

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Communication and Choice

Many seniors who are moving will be leaving behind a home they are likely emotionally invested in. What’s more, moving a senior may require moving to a locale with different amenities for elderly residents. It is certainly a difficult conversation to have with your parents, but when the time comes for them to move make sure they have as much say and choice in the decision as possible. One issue for moving seniors is emotional distress and a sense of loss of control, so making sure they have a determinate say in their lodgings helps keep a sense of independence.

Sort and Organize Possessions

If your parent has been living at the current residence for a long time, odds are they will have a large number of possessions to move. While it may be difficult to do, it is often necessary for moving seniors to downsize and get rid of some of their extraneous possessions. Go through their house item by item and figure out which things are indispensable and which can be sold or donated.

Plan Well Ahead

There are many options for moving a senior parent. Hiring full-service professional New York moving companies is probably the best option in terms of efficiency and ease, though hiring a full team of movers can be expensive. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of relatives and friends on moving day. Whichever moving plan you choose, make sure to plan everything well in advance as no one wants to be tripped up by last-minute issues.

Help Them Settle Into the New Place

Immediately after the move you senior parent may be emotionally distressed. That is why it is a good idea to take a few days and help them get settled into the new residence. Helping them plan their living space and set up things keeps everyone busy and gives everyone something to look forward to. Getting used to the new space will take some time, so make sure you are there to su[port them during the acclimation period.

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