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Moving During the Summer

Posted on: July 2, 2021 | by: Hall Lane Movers July 2, 2021

Moving During the Summer

Summer relocations require careful preparation

If you are planning a move during the summer months, you are far from alone. Summer is by far the most common time for relocating. Families do not have to disrupt school schedules, college graduates find apartments, and military personnel are reassigned. More homes are sold in the spring and early summer, when yards are at their best and curb appeal attracts buyers. The warmer season ensures snowstorms or icy roads are not an issue, and you have the benefit of more daylight hours. All these factors result in a busy moving season for homeowners and moving companies.

Here are some useful tips for planning a successful summer relocation:


Plan Ahead – Way Ahead

Obviously, planning is a vital component of any move no matter what time of year, but a summer move requires preparation months ahead of time. Moving companies will book up quickly, so the process of interviewing and selecting one must begin as early as possible. This is more important if your specific dates are limited. Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends are in high demand since they are long weekends to begin with, so you can expect to pay premium prices and to book well in advance for these dates. Summer in general will be a more expensive time to relocate, so knowing the company you will be working with and having a quote in hand helps you budget for the process and decide exactly which services are worth the price of professional movers.

Spring is a great time to have a garage or yard sale and planning to do so will eliminate your clutter to simplify organizing as moving day approaches. Plus, the extra money will come in handy during your move. If you decide to pack on your own, remember that packing materials are an added expense and are in short supply in the busy summer season. Order them well in advance of your move, keeping in mind that the process of packing will take longer than you think.

Stay Cool

Heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, and sunburn happen frequently in the summer, especially when you are busy with strenuous activities like moving boxes and furniture. Even if you have professional movers helping you, you are going to be exposed to the heat. It is a great idea to have a cooler full of ice and cold water as well as cold towels to help cool off on scorching hot days. You, your hired movers, and anyone helping will appreciate this gesture. Frequent water breaks on hot days make everyone more productive in the long run. You certainly do not want to see anyone pass out during the move. Children should be with friends or family on moving day if possible, so you will not have to worry about them getting sunburnt or cranky from the heat. Pets could be in extreme danger on hot days, so it is best if they are kept in a safe, cool place until the move is complete.

Dress appropriately in cool, comfortable, and lightweight clothing even if you will not be lifting a single item during the process. The excitement of the day and time spent outside is enough to cause overheating. Also wear plenty of sunscreen and try to keep your air conditioning running at both locations, so cool spaces are available for a respite from the heat on both ends of the move. A portable fan somewhere by the entrance to each home helps as well.

Protect Heat Sensitive Items

Some of your household goods are more susceptible to the heat than others. Computers and televisions, leather furniture, anything with batteries, appliances, plants, medication, important papers, and photos can all be damaged by extreme heat. These items should go on the moving truck last and be unloaded at the new location first to maximize their time in air conditioning and minimize heat exposure. If you can bring some of these items in your car ahead of time, that would also help minimize the possibility of damage.