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What to Expect When Reviewing Moving Quotes

Posted on: April 18, 2018 | by: Hall Lane Movers April 26, 2018

moving quotesAlthough it is standard practice to request several moving quotes when searching for the best movers, many people do not fully understand what to expect in the estimate. Unfortunately, that creates a risk of falling outside of your moving budget. Whether you are moving to a new home or office, it is imperative that you know what a reputable company will include in your quote.

After narrowing the choices down to one company, make sure a representative explains each item listed before you lock into a contract. As the customer, you also have the right to ask about the accuracy of the estimate based on your preferences. To ensure that moving quotes are as close as possible to what you will pay, you can always have an estimator come to your property to perform an assessment.

  • Property Size and Possessions – A reputable moving company with years of experience will provide you with an estimate based on information that you provide. Let the representative know the number of bedrooms, square footage, and the volume of items. With that, the moving company will know the size of the truck, the number of movers, and the estimated hours required for the job. Based on that, you will get an accurate quote.  
  • Add-On Services – The company will also list any add-on services that you select. For example, you can take advantage of professional packing and unpacking, furniture installation, storage, and more.
  • Materials and Supplies – The company will list any materials and supplies used for packing and unpacking, moving your wardrobe, using crates for expensive furniture pieces or appliances, and so on.
  • Insurance – If you opt for more than basic liability, you should see insurance information on the estimate, as well. Along with that, the company will provide you with written details of the selected coverage.
  • Mileage – Some companies provide moving quotes to potential customers without a line item for mileage. Because that plays a significant role in the amount you pay, the per mileage charge needs to be on the estimate that you receive.
  • Guarantees – Sometimes, moving companies get into bidding wars as they vie for a customer’s business. As part of that, one or several of them might promise a free or discounted service. If that happens to you, it is essential to get the information in writing on the applicable moving quotes.

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