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Planning Ahead for a Stress-Free Move-In Day

Posted on: March 24, 2021 | by: Hall Lane Movers March 10, 2021

Your move-in day can be a happy, exciting experience if you put a little effort into advanced preparation

Moving is one of the most stressful life experiences human beings go through. After months of planning and dealing with logistics, the final day can often culminate into a frenzied, chaotic nightmare unless you take a few simple steps to avoid disaster.

Preparation is Key

A minimum of six weeks ahead, make a to-do list. Try to think of all the moving tasks you need to do and write them down on an itemized list. Not only will this help you clear your mind and focus on what needs to be done, but it also is a way others can easily assist you. When friends or family offer to help, it is sometimes difficult to come up with useful tasks on the spot. When you have a list to refer to, you could ask them to select the items most convenient for their talents and schedule. Post the list on your refrigerator, check it often, and make changes accordingly.


During this time, you will interview and select a licensed and insured professional moving company, unless you are doing everything on your own. Keep in mind that the money spent getting professional assistance will save you time and energy, so the cost is well worth it in the long run. If you are strapped for cash, consider paying for the services which will most benefit your situation, such as packing, moving oversized items, or coordinating storage. A good moving company will work with you to design a relocation plan tailored to your needs and budget.


Decluttering and organizing are both crucial steps that are best completed slowly over several weeks prior to moving day. This will give you time to clear out items you are donating or giving away to make room for your moving crew. Any items you plan on leaving behind on moving day should also be in one area and very clearly marked, so movers know not to load these on the truck.


As you are going through your household goods, make a “car” pile. This includes everything you want to personally bring with you in your car on moving day. Examples include snacks and drinks, a fresh set of sheets for each bed you will need your first night, extra cash, some cleaning supplies and tools, and any important documents or special jewelry. You may want to slip a special bottle of wine with a corkscrew for celebrating the first evening in your new home. One box should be empty for last minute items such as your phone chargers and toiletries.


During this phase you can also schedule or switch over your utilities. Additionally, it is a great idea to schedule a locksmith for your new home since you have no idea how many keys the previous owners may have hidden under bushes or given to neighbors or family members. Do NOT schedule any physical installations on moving day. Your moving crew will be unloading and assembling furniture and will need direction, so you do not want your attention divided.

Children and Pets

If you can send your kids and pets to grandma’s or a friend’s house on moving day, absolutely do so. There will be a lot of activity in your home and you and movers can get seriously injured when kids or dogs are under foot.


If removing them is not an option, one person should be solely responsible for attending to your pet. Children can busy themselves with their own “car box.” During your weeks of preparation, ask your kids to each make their own box of the things they would like in the car and immediately available in their new bedroom. Art supplies, crafts, and games will keep them busy and they will have some special personal items to immediately make the new house feel like home.

The Big Day

When moving day finally arrives, let your movers do their thing while you concentrate on your care pile. When the movers have cleared out the house, walk through to make sure nothing has been left behind. Say goodbye!


When you reach your new destination, walk through to make sure everything is in the condition you expect and clearly direct movers, so all furniture and boxes are put in the right room. When they are done with all their hard work, you can pop that cork and celebrate!