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Moving Antiques and Fine Art: Long Island Moving Tips

Posted on: May 17, 2019 | by: Hall Lane Movers May 17, 2019

Moving your beautiful antiques and fine art around Long Island Sound? Have Hall Lane help you through the Long Island moving process!

If you’re moving to or within the Long Island area and you have a lot of treasured art and antiques to your name, you might be trying to figure out how to take care of your goods during their travel. Whether you’re moving from a long or a short distance away, here are some ways you can keep your beautifully crafted belongings safe with our Long Island moving tips. Long Island Moving - Hall Lane Moving and Storage, Commack, NY

#1. Buy the Right Material

If you have breakables and fine art in your stuff, you’ll want a pretty generous amount of bubble wrap, brown wrapping paper, tape (such as painters tape) and adjustable, heavy-duty picture boxes to help you out. These are going to come in handy in so many ways as you prepare your valuable items for travel.

#2. Look into Insurance

There are policies and endorsements which can be bought or made to insure the precious items you’ll be transporting. Talk to your insurance agent or carrier about the options available.

Depending on the actual cash value of the items you want to insure, you may need an appraisal done on the object so the insurance company can know for sure it’s worth what they’re promising to cover it for. Talk to your insurance agent about the appraisal process.

#3. Communicate Clearly with Your Long Island Moving Team

If you’re using a reputable and high-quality moving company, like Hall Lane, you will need to let them know you have breakable, valuable, and fragile items that will need to be transported. Talk to them about their recommendations, but generally, these items will be kept together so they can keep track of how to handle which boxes and objects.

#4. Pack Away Your Valuables

Use the painter’s tape to create a large x-shape on any mirrors or breakable items you’re concerned about. This helps them become more shatter-resistant. Also, tuck tissues or bubble wrap into the nooks and crannies of the particularly complex antiques you plan on transporting in your Long Island move.

For fine arts, wrap them carefully in the brown wrapping paper and bubble wrap before tucking them into the heavy-duty picture boxes you have on hand. The moving company might also be able to provide some of these materials.

Hopefully, some of these Long Island moving tips will help keep your antiques and fine arts safe and flawless. If you’re looking for a wonderful Long Island moving company to give you a hand with the valuables, try giving Hall Lane a call today! They can make the process quick, smooth, and safe for every object.