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Storage on Long Island: How Much Space Do I Need?

Posted on: February 1, 2018 | by: Hall Lane Movers February 1, 2018


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Determining the correct unit size is one of the most significant challenges that many people face when renting storage on Long Island. The problem is that most people try to guess what size would be best and as a result, they end up with space that is either too large or too small. By using the tips provided, you will come much closer to knowing the exact amount of room you need. Not only will that prevent you from going through the hassle of switching out a unit; it can also save you a substantial amount of money in storage costs.


Storage Factors to Consider 

  • Inventory – Well before the moving company shows up to take your belongings to a storage facility, make an inventory list of everything that you want to store, excluding boxes or containers. In other words, include items such as furniture, appliances, artwork, large electronics, musical instruments, lamps, holiday decorations, and winter sports gear.  
  • Number of Boxes/Containers – The next step is to securely pack the smaller items that you will be storing. Combine similar items together for more efficient storage. Be sure to clearly label each box with the contents so that items do not get misplaced once they are stored and are easier to locate once they are needed again. Once you get your things packed, determine the exact number of boxes and containers that you need to store.
  • Overcrowding – Although you might feel tempted to rent a small unit for storage on Long Island, be careful not to cram everything in too tightly. By doing so, you will have no room to enter the unit, let alone locate the right box or container and get it out to examine the contents when you are looking for something specific. If you suspect that you will need to get into boxes or containers, it is always better to have a space slightly larger than required versus one that is too small, so that you can leave space to walk between your belongings.
  • Moving Truck Size – A quick way to gauge the size of the unit you need for storage in Long Island is to consider the length of the moving truck you are using to transport the items. As a general rule, the moving truck is five feet longer than the unit you need. For example, for a truck that measures 15-foot long, you will need a 10×10-foot unit; for a 20-foot truck, a 10×15-foot unit; and for a 25-foot truck, a 10×20-foot unit.
  • Get Professional Assistance – A reputable moving company that also has clean and secure storage on Long Island can help you determine the best unit based on what you want to store. There is no greater asset than a well-informed moving and storage specialist. Experts in this field have the skills necessary to review your inventory list with you and make a knowledgeable recommendation regarding the ideal size of the storage unit. They may also provide additional valuable information about the storage warehouse’s security system and which items on your list require a climate-controlled storage solution.

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