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Hauppauge Movers: How to Decorate Your New Home on a Budget

Posted on: May 21, 2020 | by: Hall Lane Movers May 21, 2020

For those of us who are creatively challenged, decorating a home can be a real nuisance. Add to that the need to stick to a limited budget, and suddenly you’re even more flustered about the entire process. Luckily, our Hauppauge movers are ready to simplify decorating your new home with the following great tips that are also cost-effective.

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Repurpose Your Current Furniture

While you may want to overhaul the look of your new space, there’s no need to throw out all of your existing furniture. Instead, choose the items you really love and spruce them up with some paint or varnish. Even if you’re not naturally handy, there are tons of easy DIY tutorials online that can transform your furniture into something totally out of this world.

Start with Less Expensive Pieces, Then Replace Later

There’s no need to insist on having expensive items right away. You can keep costs minimal by buying second-hand items that were originally pricey. Or, decorate with budget-friendly retailers like IKEA that offer quality furniture at low costs during sales. Along the way, update your furniture when you can, adding pricier pieces once in a while, when your budget allows. Use the same approach with other items like curtains or blinds, installing less costly pieces for the time being.

Shop Estate Sales and Antiques

You can get stunning décor for your house from estate sales and antique shops, especially if you’re looking for things like kitchenware, frames, vases, and art. Larger items, like mirrors and furniture, are easily found at these places too. There’s a trick to leaving these places with a decent haul: go in with a detailed list of what you want and what you need. This simplifies what’s often an experience that’s overwhelming, with so many items to choose from.

Use Paint to Pretty Up Rooms

Completely transform a room with something that doesn’t cost much: paint! Whether you’re looking to add a bold flair or just want neutrals to blend everything together, painting is a great way to change your house in a major way. Plus, it’s also a medium that allows you to infuse your personality into your method of decorating. Try sponging, stenciling or color blocking for more innovative, creative ways of transforming a room.

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