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Hall Lane, a Top Mover, Offers 5 Signs it’s Time to Relocate Your Office

Posted on: December 6, 2018 | by: Hall Lane Movers December 7, 2018

Company growth is a great problem to have—perhaps your team is getting larger, or your stock or warehousing needs are increasing. When you need more space for your personnel, tools, products, or meetings, you might not see the signs until they’ve become pain points. A commercial mover can tell you there are clear signs in your physical space, in your team members, and in your business practices that let you know it’s time to move to a different business space. Look out for these five signs to find the right time for your office to make its next move. Hall Lane Mover, Commack, NY

  1. Inadequate room for work. If your employees work in cubicles, you might have noticed filing cabinets overtaking their personal space; if your employees work in a production space, you might start seeing products mixed with records mixed with client communications. When there’s not enough space for your team to work, the result is that their work goes everywhere! When each member of your team has a dedicated space, they are more likely to be content in their jobs, high performing, and better organized in their tasks.
  2. Inadequate room for meeting. Meeting space is invaluable for your employees: it gives them the ability to brainstorm, to collaborate, and to build relationships. Just as importantly, adequate and comfortable meeting space is necessary in order to bring clients into your business to build those relationships. When you run out of conference rooms, social space, or communal areas, you cut back on the ability of everyone in and around your business to connect with each other.
  3. Lack of organization. When there’s not enough space, you can often tell just by looking around your office: how many cubicles are crammed into your bullpen? How many filing cabinets line the walls and walkways, in seeming random order? With a lack of space often comes a lack of planning around where tech tools, files, products, and people can be. If you start to notice closets being used as offices or interns camped out in the kitchen, it’s time for your office to move.
  4. Wrong location. As your client base grows, you might be noticing that your location is removed from your clients; or, you might have noticed that your talent pool and current employees is geographically far from your business. And as you outgrow a space, your priorities might change—meaning that the prestige of a downtown high-rise might not be worth paying for if it cramps your team, or the elbow room of your warehouse doesn’t make up for its remote location. There are a lot of reasons why a location change can be in your best interest.
  5. Your expenditures don’t add up. Having your business in the wrong space often means you’re paying for a situation that doesn’t serve you. Whether that’s rent or lease costs, building service costs, or physical infrastructure costs, you’re spending money on a space that’s not meeting your needs. Reallocate those dollars to a space that does have the resources you need, and you’ll immediately be getting a better return on your investment.

If you’ve caught yourself searching online for a commercial mover, that’s your final sign: it’s time to move your office. Contact the experts at Hall Lane for more information on our packer and mover services. We can help with industrial space, warehouses, corporate space, and production spaces; our experienced mover teams are also familiar with how to provide document and data security during your move. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and sectors, and we’ll work with you to design a custom moving plan that will work with your budget and your schedule.

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