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What Can I Expect from an Office Relocation Service?

Posted on: June 22, 2017 | by: Hall Lane Movers December 13, 2017

If you are planning to relocate your office,office relocation | Hall Lane Moving | Commack, NY it is important that you hire a company that specializes in this type of service. Especially if your office is moving to another city or state and involves moving employees as well as business equipment, furniture, and other items, it is imperative that you choose the right company. Whether your upcoming relocation is small and relatively simple or large and complex, you should have certain expectations from the company that you hire.

  • Assessment – In your search for the best relocation company, representatives from at least three candidates should conduct an assessment of everything that needs moving. Each person will take an inventory of items and discuss whether the relocation involves employees. The representatives will then offer you a written estimate. After comparing the different estimates, you would select the company to hire.
  • Point of Contact – To prevent you from repeating questions or information and to ensure that there are no misconstrued notes, the office relocation company that you hire will designate a point of contact. That way, you speak to and deal with the same person from start to finish.
  • Customer Agreement – During an initial meeting with the point of contact, the two of you will discuss the details of your move, including the inventory list, dates, licensing and insurance, safety provisions, cost, and more. After accepting the terms, you will need to sign a customer agreement. With that done, the company will schedule your move.
  • Pre-Move Planning – The company handling your office relocation will also do pre-move planning to finalize every detail. Some of the more pertinent topics include packing arrangements, the number of trucks required, the equipment used, and preparations for you and your employees before the moving crew’s arrival. For instance, if you and your employees will do the packing, the company will ensure that you receive the correct number of boxes and required materials.
  • Moving Day – On the day of your office relocation, your point of contact will arrive with the crew, conduct a final walk-through, and then begin prepping. The office relocation company will properly wrap everything, disassemble furniture, disconnect IT equipment, load your office goods, and then safely transport everything to your new business address. Once at your new location, the same crew unloads the truck, reassembles furniture, reconnects IT equipment, and gets everything in its place so that your employees can go back to work as quickly as possible.